Stroke Stories

A while back, I was interviewed for Stroke Stories, and thought I’d share the interview for anyone who wants to hear my cringeworthy radio/podcast voice telling a little about the stroke I had and other matters. This interview was conducted a while back, and certain things have changed but the essence still remains the same … You can listen to it here. If you click on the button “listen now” it will open in one of your podcast apps or programs on the comp or tablet.

@Rups a very interesting listen. I will listen again later to catch the bits I missed. Well done on sharing your story.

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That’s a good listen, well done.

As an engineer I am very interested in the mechanics of stroke, understanding effects/causes and find telling the story a really good way for me to accept it’s happened.

I ended up in A and E on blue lights with my bilateral cerebellar. That’s when the learning started and it doesn’t stop, I can’t get enough info about it now!!

Best wishes


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Good afternoon @Rups . I listened to your podcast earlier- thank you once more for being far better than I at expressing brilliantly and honestly stuff that I still struggle to process. I am sorry it has been such a battle, and a test of your tenacity to get answers and the mechanics of your situation, but one you have handled with intelligence, fortitude and trusting your gut. Wishing you all the best, Julia. And by the way it was lovely to hear your voice, although I was expecting a Welsh accent🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😊

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Noswaith dda @JuliaH, diolch, it has been a rough ride, and still is comparatively. My background is very hybrid, produced by a Portuguese mother and Welsh father, I was raised in Tasmania. Then married a Welsh lass later on in life, and moved back to the roots of the paternal family tree.

Shwmae @EssexPhil (Phil), yes, and our stories go out to all stroke survivors across the world, some who may have very little post-stroke support or information about going forward. Especially from a younger stroke survivors perspective, it’s almost essential to educate the community at large that stroke can strike at any age, and any condition.

Morning @Rups. Thank you for the background I thought I noticed an antipodean inflection and now I know I’m not going mad👍 Julia