Stroke rehab

I started my stroke rehab with the personal trainer this week  as part of the fantastic service I get here in Bedfordshire . I spent most of the session fighting back tears . Felt a right wally . It's only now 5 months down the line that I am noticing what doesn't work properly. I like many went to the gym or a class most days prior to my stroke . To find during the PT session that I couldn't get off a chair without using my hands was a bit of a shock . Even the treadmill on its slowest setting was ok to start but then I found myself struggling to stay in a straight line ?. I came home and needed a 2 hr nap . I'm looking forward to my next session and pray I don't cry on the poor stroke coordinators shoulder again 

Dawn, I hope all goes well for you, but go easy on yourself. You are still in the early stage of recovery. I am nearly four years post stroke and from early physio class I have moved on to three exercise classes a week for over 65s plus daily exercises for my arm and shoulder. Quite early on I was made aware that the weak foot and leg recover faster than the weak arm and hand, because the arm and hand perform more complex functions than the leg and foot. Persistence, however, does pay off. Good luck to you.