Stroke Rehab in Thailand?

We are interested in specialist Rehab care. And none seems to be available in the UK, outside of the NHS Stroke centres which will only treat you for an initial phase.

So looking at medical tourism. Thailand (or India) where English is prevalent and the Care industry will cater for a lot of conditions.

Does anyone have any recommendations in this? Including actual centres to look at.

Otherwise I am relying on which has the best internet marketing.

We expect a 6 month trial to decide if it is sustainable, or if it is too remote and isolating.

Not sure what happened with this post - I thought there were responses to it.

Anyway, an update myself on it:

We chose Thailand and the Chiang Mai Care Resort. It was the one well featured in the UK press and has been running a few years, founded by an ex-pat.
It really is a resort. Originally running the care part in parallel with a hotel/resort side, but now exclusive for care (probably pays better).
It costs overall about £3k a month. At least 1k of that is for a full day-carer, because Brother is still totally left side impaired, amongst other limitations. Its also with 2 visits a week to the Chiang Mai hospital for Stroke Rehab and physio.

Its been an adventure.
Compared to the options in the UK, its fantastic even.
But the money still runs out, and lack of true-english conversation is a bit isolating. Making yourself understood can be hard going at times, and my brother is not speech impaired. There are plenty of UK/US residents there, of various capacity. Not all with dementia, some just frail and needing support but able to socialise at their own pace and free to come and go to external events and socials etc.

He will return to the UK after 1 year. Not sure what to. Not sure if he/we will regret the move back, or relish being ‘home’, but pension doesn’t quite cover it.

As his brother, and for this forum, I would say it was a great option to try and well worth it. Keep in close contact using video calling etc and with the nursing team there, and manage the finances yourselves (don’t delegate to be safe) and visit when you can.

Hope this helps.

I’m just going to do another update on this thread.
My brother is back (yesterday) and into a care home that isn’t so dementia focused.
It was hard to find a place that would even take him! Almost like the care homes get more if the resident is tagged ‘dementia’ than not.

Anyway, love the new place (yet to visit, but on paper). He has returned because of multiple factors:
Missing home
Missing English conversation and not having to repeat everything multiple times.
Missing Brit cooking
Missing fam and friends

I am expecting he may miss the following in the coming weeks:
Care home will not have the level of attention to his needs he is used to…just less staff.
The weather! Cooler/wetter times ahead (although super hot this week).
The amount of time fam and friends can visit (although definitely more than Thailand!)

Anyway, if anyone wants advice on Thai care homes, respond to this message and I’ll do what I can.
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