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Hi people,. hope you are well.
Regarding local groups of the Stroke Association, whilst I guess it , might be different according to people’s locations; I was wondering if anyone knows roughly how long it is before someone from a local group contacts someone after being referred to the local Stroke Association Group?
I tried finding out via Facebook Messenger with Stroke Association but kept being given the details for the local group, where as I am trying to find out when I might hear from the local group?
I hope I make sense , it does in my head but might nit be either.


Hi @KivetonGuy

This is very variable. The local SA groups are all volunteer based. So it comes down to how well resourced and disciplined their run. 109 I currently looking for volunteers!

any of the groups listed in the second half of :

Support groups

are just those that are members of the stroke group network - all stroke support groups find the benefits of being part of the SGN must be balanced against the bureaucracy so there may be groups local to you that aren’t in the SGN and so won’t get a SA website listing. Different Strokes also run groups and there are independent groups -like Nick Clark’s- here there and everywhere

In theory the process is when you complete the web form a team in the stroke association emails the volunteer who then contacts you. I used to run the online cafes within the stroke association and when I applied to my own group I didn’t get notification.

I m now transitioning to run that group independently - although I may join the SGN!! - it’s purely online so there will be less rules because some of them won’t be relevant- It has helped many - You’re also welcome - The link is now back working - it wasn’t earlier…

And at 1:00 p.m. on Thursdays - & it maybe a drop-in anytime of Thursday afternoon - tba



Hi @KivetonGuy
I am not often on MSG but was looking for some information for another stroke survivor and came across your post.

When a request goes in via the website, an email is sent to the Stroke Assoc staff member/team associated with the relevant group. If you haven’t received anything then try resubmitting or contact and we will try and direct your query onto the right team for you

best wishes