Stroke pain

How are people managing their stroke pain , has it eased of after a long time, does it last all day do people take medication or just standard painkillers?
My pain is every day samo side same places always the same intensity building over the day.

@mrfrederickson the only pain I really suffered was head pain. It wasn’t really a headache but felt like I had a heavy, fuzzy head all the time. Sometimes felt like I’d been hit over the head. I used to take paracetamol but often it made no difference. I still get it but not as often now.
If your pain is really bad I would get the Dr to prescribe you something. Hope it eases soon for you x

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Hi thanks for sharing my pain is like a fuzzy head and cold pain in my left side paracetamol and codine hold it at bay for a short while but it is the same every day sadly no sign of it lessening or stopping.

@mrfrederickson I think you should speak to GP. They may be able to prescribe something to help. I thought my head pain was never going to go but one day I woke up & thought oh I don’t have headache today. I still get bad days with it & is worse if I overdo things. But just know there is hope that it will improve. Make sure you’re drinking enough too that may also help x

Thank you for that added detail if the pain were to sub side or lessen I would cope with the current painkillers rather than go on gabapentimor similar such opiod medication I will discuss with my GP next week when she calls, appreciated

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Hi, I was prescribed Baclofen to help with the high tone but it really helped with the pain too as relaxed my arm and leg. Might be worth asking your GP or physio. Good luck

Update my GP has increased the mg of duloxopine to 60 mg a day from 30 , some mild improvement but nothing vast but do know when it gets to my next dose so must be having an effect also gradual build up of the paracetamol over the latter part of the day into the evening giving a good night’s sleep

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