Stroke or Hemiplegic Migraine

Although I was diagnosed with having had a minor stroke, it seems that the symptoms I had could also have been a Hemiplegic Migraine.  It started with the left side of my tongue going numb, followed by the left side of my face, left arm and fingers, then my left leg.  Despite an MRI showing I'd had a minor occipital infarct, after a neuro-opthal eye test and field of vision test, it was discovered that I have a scotoma in both eyes and I'm waiting for further tests.  I believe a scintilating scotoma is present when having a migraine, so is it possible this is what I had and not a stroke at all.  I am confused.  I am now starting to question my diagnosis especially when at my last outpatients appointment I asked if I could see the MRI scan and if they could point out where the stroke was, but was told they didn't have the pictures on their computer.  There is no history of migraine in my family, but it could have been brought on through the stress of going through a cerebral angiogram earlier in the day to check my coils, fatigue due to it being a long day and hunger because I hadn't eaten properly since the previous day.