Stroke on MRI

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Does anyone know if your stroke can always be seen on subsequent MRIs ? 

I believe the damaged area will almost always show up on a MRI 

Mine did. I didn't have an MRI to confirm my stroke originally. It was done by CT scan. However, I was referred to the neurologist 2 years later with numbness in my non-stroke leg. She wanted a full head MRI scan to confirm whether or not I had suffered a second stroke before deciding on treatment. The 2nd scan showed my original stroke but not a further one which was good news that I hadn't suffered another. She showed me the scan which was the first time I had seen my stroke damage. I had always expected to see a 'black hole' where the damage was but it was actually a petal shaped shadow on my brain.   It also showed up a subcranial? cyst deep in the centre of my brain but she said this had been checked further and the conclusion was I was born with it and it was living quite happily inside with no signs of causing any problems later.

Everyone's stroke is different and affects different areas of the brain so it could be that yours might not show up but I think there's a strong chance it will.  Is there any particular reason why you need to know or is it that you would like to see inside your brain... I found it fascinating looking inside mine!  You could always ask when you go for the scan or ask afterwards if it showed up. 

I had a right sided cerebellum stroke last August . Bizarrely my neurologist suggests it  was misdiagnosed!! The scan I had last August showed the infarct but subsequent mri doesn't show it .The stroke consultants showed me my scans and pointed out the ' stroke' . I'm now booked to have a Pet scan , lumbar puncture and heart MRI , I've recently had a full mri with contrast on my brain and spine . 

smileyhi Dawn. I had a right cerebellum stroke in March this year. Unfortunately not much follow up care after due to all covid delays ?. The occ therapists, psychologists and the stroke. org people have been a godsend. I still don't know what the outcome will be or what I'm experiencing is normal. Heyho I'm still alive. That's a bonus. Good luck with your recovery. Best wishes. 

I had CT scans done whilst in hospital and a throat scan. But still had to go a MRI once home a week later, why would they need to do this MRI scan of the stroke showed on the original CT scan?  

Hi, the reason for doing an MRI, is that the resolution is higher, it is therefore a better way of detecting strokes.  My husband had a CT scan initially, and was told that he hadn't had a stroke.  A week later when they did the MRI scan it showed up quite a significant stroke.  We questioned the stroke consultant about this, and he explained that CT was something of a blunt instrument in certain circumstances.  So the MRI will give the doctors a clear picture of the extent of the stroke, and will be able to give you a full diagnosis.

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I had a MRI Scan that showed up a scar from an astrocytoma I had as a child so it's worth having it

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