Stroke of the spine, am I the only one?

Hi it all started with a heart op back last April where I suffered a cellebral stroke,I was in hospital for 8 weeks where I couldn’t move then discharge to the care of my wife, I then started a physio rehab who we’re brilliant and got me moving again after 8 weeks I was walking with a frame but what I then noticed was a tightening round my torso which the GP could not explain. After sending me to see different consultants in November I saw a neurologist who put me on Gaberpentine and set me up for a,MRI scan, then in March 22 I saw another neurologist who then told me after looking at the scan and told me I had suffered a stroke on the spine T7 to T9 and was inoperable and raised my Gaberpentine. He said this is rare, what I would like to know is our rare is this I feel like the only person in England who as this where your trunk is just solid can anybody out there help me.

Hi @Midge56 , I’m so sorry to hear about this.

In terms of finding more information on spinal strokes, there is another charity that specialises in this. And you may find more information on their website than is currently available on the Stroke Association website.

They also have a Helpline that you can call. I hope this helps.

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@Midge56 sorry to hear about your situation but welcome to this great forum. I don’t have any experience of your situation but hope that ao.eone on here can provide you some reassurance. Good luck x

Hi Loshy thanks very much for welcoming me to the forum I can only but try to find the answers I am looking for.

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Hi Ashley TH rang the helpline and spoke to a nurse who gave me a lots of good info, thanks again.

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Hi Mahoney thanks slot for the welcoming.

Hi Mrs5K thanks for the welcome with a bit of luck someone will read it and I won’t so rare.

Hello there.this won’t be any use to you but I thought I’d let you know,I had a right cerebellar stroke two years ago at age /hearind/balance/communication/memmory/thinking etc etc affected,but also my torso seemed to freeze up as in not moving the same,couldn’t bend or twist properly was very stiff and wooden ,took me 25minutes to put my bra on it was so difficult!!:crazy_face: I was told not to worry it would improve but nothing was ever checked about it?
It has slightly improved but I still have to adapt to bending,stretching for things etc
Sorry to be of no help whatsoever but at least you know your not alone.:heart:

Thanks for responding Bernadette going forward let’s hope we both improve :pray: