Stroke Nurse

I live in a fairly isolated area so am resigned to the idea that I won’t see too many professionals but did think that it was a bit odd that I had bloods and BP done in a “birthday review” in March but that no one had commented on them. Then suddenly I got an appointment with the stroke nurse. It turned out that I hadn.t seen her for ages because she’d been off sick. She reviewed the bloods, had a brief chat and discharged me. I can make contact again at any time and have an excellent GP but we agreed that the advice and support I get here from you wonderful people, my peers, is probably better than anything else

So, thank you for all the support I’ve had up until now, and thank you also, in anticipation, for the answers to all the questions I’ll no doubt have in the future


I see many specialists. It is a mixed blessing. They rarely agree with each other. SMH. It is tiring to go to so many and somewhat confusing (I had three appointments for today, but missed two of them). I do like that I get more information, though, and have my favorites (those who actually hear what I say and are curious to solve any puzzlements). If you need a professional, please don’t hesitate to try to get one, but if you have things you feel you can handle on your own, do that as well. I can have more physical therapy for my legs and arms, but I can do that myself. I can’t do vestibular therapy for myself yet, so we will be using my PT time for VT. I will have to continue with CardioThoracic Team each year for the rest of my life, and have Colonoscopies and MRA’s each year as well. Urology will hopefully be done soon and Occupational Therapy is done. I don’t feel I ever needed OT other than to know which shower chair to get, then I only bothered to use it once. LOL…I might be a bit hard headed! In other words, you decide what you need and don’t after listening to what the professionals have to say. You know yourself better than they do. But they do know a lot about medical issues, much of the time.


So glad I came across this forum :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for sharing

Best wishes Sue


@FionaB1 our surgery have started “birthday” reviews too. Great that there was a follow up with the stroke nurse. I agree though that if you’re not getting much from their appointments then there’s not a lot of point in continuing tobsee them…unless you need to ro have regular tests done.

Thank you for your kind words. You are a great asset to this forum & i get lots of value ftom your advice. So thank you to you too.

Best wishes.

Ann xx