Stroke Information charity

Hi all,
Via a fellow stroke survivor i was made aware of an independent charity and support network based in Stockport but open to all who are on the SS journey.


A bit like the forum i guess but they meet weekly so can join via zoom like the ZOG on here that @Bobbi hosts.

Thry have a whatsapp group of 50 or so members which is another good way of asking for help or advice dnd feeling part of a like minded supportive caring people.

Just thought i would let you know about it, guy called Nick Clarke runs it and its a very welcoming
And supportive group.




@TRFCANDY53 thank you

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I’ll second the recommendation from @TRFCANDY53

The whatsapp moves at 1,000 miles an hour and is mildly football flavored but ‘Clarky’ is very helpful and supportive and there’s plenty of chat. The weeky zoom is a hybrid in person & clashes with one of zogs (Monday). It’s about 2hrs so dropin/leave when tired etc

Definitely worthwhile

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Not quite @SimonInEdinburgh, the zoom is 10 - 12 on a monday and @Bobbi s monday zog is 2pm… i managed both this week and plsn the same for next week too.

Nick clarks book is a very good read too. Called injury Time and in his own words its his atory…

You in the group @SimonInEdinburgh ??

@SimonInEdinburgh forgive me for sounding daft what are ZOGS?

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Hi chris, zoom open groups that @bobbi has been hosting for a few months …
40 mins open to anyone fron this forum
Friday pm, saturday am and Monday afternoon

Every week…
A big commitment from bobbi to host them off his own back. Very much appreciated by those of us who support the groups.


@TRFCANDY53 how do you join them

@Bobbi will send you the info to join or show you were to find it. Thanks

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hi Chris
if you look at the top of the MyS Guide page youll see “latest” & “categories” & GROUPS - the hamburger menu also incldes it.

in groups is one called ZOG with a requst to join button
when you join the group youll see a “Messages” tab; click it then “ZOG - login info”
The 1st post is this on this link which should NOT work untill you join the group

it gives the actual call details - i don’t think bobbi wants it in the main area

hope that helps

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Ah ha - trust my strokie brain - had zog in my head as 11:00
must move to the googleDiary!

Yes im in Clarky’s group & zog ( and i run a zoom everyother thursaday) and im going to start a twitter chat 2nd & 4th Tue of the month - the more connection the more potential to make support better - imho :slight_smile:

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