Stroke in Young People

I never considered myself young at 36yo, however the reaction from many medical staff is that I'm very young to have had a stroke. Many have suggested age is on my side when it comes to recovery.

12 weeks ago I lost all control of the right side of my body. 3 clots were found on my left side of brain. Still undergoing tests to find the cause. Over the past 12 weeks I have worked very hard to learn how to walk and use my arm and hand once more. My stubborn determination for 100% recovery is what drives me to spend between 2 to 5 hours every day working on physio.

My physical ability I would say is now ~90% recovered but progress has certainly slowed. Are there any success stories of 100% recovery? I appreciate every case is unique but searching for hope.

Pretty sure that your age will help with the recovery process.

however, stroke will get a grip at any age, even babies. On admission to the hospital, my neighbour was a six year old girl. 

none of us will ever go back to being pre stroke fit. Its impossible. Our brains are changed and we come out as new people. The new person isnt all bad, there are some plus points.

many of us would dream of getting 75% recovery. 

not sure how we could judge total recovery when we are in fact new people.

i assume you are taking medication and a revised diet to ward off a further stroke. No one will tell you exactly why the three clots got in to your brain. like all of us, you are unique. You were chosen to live when so many do not. Enjoy the children and the rest of your life.