Stroke in the eye

Hiya, I have just joined the group. I suffered a stroke to the eye 2weeks ago and have lost most of the vision in the eye, I am still in hospital. I was wondering if anyone had any information or tips about the condition as the doctors seem very limited on advice? I have very little field vision on the left side and little at the bottom, they told me there is no cure and the vision will get worse. I feel very lost at the moment, I know I can’t drive for now.

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Hi @Dawnebabe , welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your stroke.
I don’t know much about eye stroke other than to say the eyes are often affected as part of a stroke. I was tested in hospital very soon after a major stroke that left me with no movement in my left side and was told I had lost some peripheral vision in my left eye. I think it can be quite common but don’t know about stroke specifically on the eyes.
As @Loshy said we are a friendly bunch and someone may have some info to help but feel free to ask as many questions as you like because many of us will probably give more understandable replies than some consultants.
I know it is a very worrying time but hopefully you will get some comfort from people and posts on here.
I hope things go well with your recovery.
All the best.

Shwmae @Dawnebabe, I don’t know much but I was reading about this particular stroke a few weeks ago. I think it may be important to get in touch with the Ophthalmologists as soon as possible. Hopefully, your hospital has a good department. I imagine an eye stroke is like a brain stem stroke in that it affects one particular system, the occipital lobe and oculomotor system. Specialist care would be advised, however, I am no GP.

Welcome to our forum. I lost some peripheral vision but was referred to Opthamology on my discharge. They were able to make a specialist assessment and advise me accordingly

Hello @Dawnebabe, firstly sorry to hear about the stroke - I’m sure it’s a very confusing time but you’ve done the right thing by reaching out here. Speaking from my own experience, this group is super supportive and a great source of information. :blush:
I had a stroke in Feb effecting my Occipital Lobe - this has resulted in vision loss to the top right (both eyes). My understanding is that an “eye stroke” occurs in the occipital nerve rather than the brain itself? So although different, our experiences may be similar.
On a day to day basis I don’t really notice my vision loss now (unless someone sneaks up on my right hand side) the brain is an amazing organ and finds ways of doing the same things when pathways have been damaged (think this is called neuro-plasticity) - I was told that within the 1st 6months vision could improve - after this there would unlikely be much change.
I try exercising the brain by “looking” to the areas that remain in my effected vision. There are some websites that have interactive tasks that you can complete but I personally didn’t find these helpful as didn’t tackle my area of vision loss.
I’m unable to drive at the moment as my sight loss effects both eyes.
Sending you warm wishes for your recovery- Be kind to yourself x


Hello Dawn, I haven’t had the type of stroke that you had (and I’m not medically qualified) but there was a contributor on here Kirstyot who together with Rups posted some interesting information on orthoptics. See if you can use the search bar and put in kirstyot to try and find the information. The other site which may lead you somewhere and give you some ideas/options is: Liverpool University Vision, Orthoptic and Brain Injury Research Unit. Good recovery and best wishes Pat

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Hello my sister-in -law suffered a stroke in her l eye 3 years ago .Initially she had some vision impairment but thankfully it has not deteriorated any further since .She is a keen
cyclist enjoys riding her bike daily also an avid reader and quilt maker all activities that require visual acuity . So Keep positive and good luck in your recovery.

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Hi @Dawnebabe welcome to the forum but sorry you’ve had an eye stroke. I don’t know anything about an eye stroke but I did have vision issues following my stroke. In the main they have gone but still have a weak left eye. I had a stroke affecting my occipital lobe. As someone else mentioned ensure you’re referred to opthalmology.
Best of luck in your recovery. xx

Thank you so much for all your replies, I have seen eye specialists from the very start along with lots of tests and mri scans. The doctors won’t discharge me from hospital yet until they have spoken to top specialist at queen’s medical in Nottingham. They said I have "stuff in my brain " that shouldn’t be there. I am trying hard not to look on the negative side but sometimes it’s so hard. It’s great to be able to reach out to people who understand. Having spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital all I want to do is to go home.

@Dawnebabe really hope they manage to speak to the specialist really soon for you & they can then sort whatever they need to so you can get home. Hospital is never a great place for relaxing & its so much nicer to be home.
Sending best wishes to you xx

My left eye the opticians is every 6th month but I not to sure I didn’t ask them so I hope you will be good