Stroke in calderdale

After a severe ischemic stroke inJanuary2021 left me in calder royal in shock dis belief and fear, in the middle of covid so no one could journey with mwe nor visit me in hospital.

after a month I return ed hom to a careplan run by a great team of stroke prfessionals

The rehab started very soon was walking of sorts hoding on to my comodewithin 3 months from there I have moved from a quad stick to single cane anf go to the gym once a week, no whereI want to be but making slow progres, wishing you all a speedy recovery happy to share my journey.


Sounds like you have made great progress albeit not quite where you’d like to be.

Look forward to hearing more about your journey.

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Thank you I dream of a day when it is easy Pai fee and I am driving again, one day soon I hope.

Thanks I want to inspire all stroke survivors to improve and we all are only in a temporary state which we will emerge from in our own goood time god willing.


Good job @mrfrederickson, keep working at it and you will continue making progress.
I wish you all the best on your journey.

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Mrfrederickson-- That must have been so hard going through all that alone. I don’t know how I would have done without my husband with me and encouraging me every step of the way. So, you must be an extraordinary person. Your care and progress sounds very much like mine after I had an ischemic stroke 3 1/2 years ago. You’re not making “slow progress”. It’s sounds like mine and many others’ progress. It’s just that after a stroke the progress is slow. The brain has to heal and rewire as it relearns things. Think how long it takes to learn to play a musical instrument. Your brain has to learn how to “play” your body. I used to keep a little"journal" of what I did each day: #of steps I walked, what made me too tired, if I reacted to certain meds etc. I could then look back weeks or months later and realize that I really had made a lot of progress. I now walk a mile a day. Just keep your spirits up and never give up.
:blush: :heart:Jeanne

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Well done, good progress :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Great recovery and such detail in recording all you experienced, I too keep a journal it captures the big changes butmy people who see me infrequently tell me how o have improved, but slow is the world it makes for vast amounts of frustration and afeeling of permancy, which all know is not the case, keep on trucking you do us all credit wishing you a good and sustainable recovery.

Thanks hearing others challlenges and determination has helped me see some sort of future albeit not as before