Stroke forum really helps!

Hi, I am 6 months on from having stroke. My world has been turned upside down in that time - no house, no relationship, no job, no money, all personal stuff at ex’s until I find a place to live. I am staying with parents as I was evicted from Hosp. I am struggling with Agoraphobia and lack of confidence.

Right, the reason for the post is - I read with responses to the ‘Help…How do I deal with this’ and they gave me enough confidence to go out on my walker. I am still learning and legs weak. Got past one house and back,.

Thank you to all of you for your responses to this post - all posts really


You must continue to post your progress here, you will get encouragement and sympathy where necessary, it will also be a record (a public one at that) of your ups and downs and a spur to advance further.

Best wishes

Bob :smiley:

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Will do. You too.

I used my wheeled walker today after reading some of the responses to a post. Got as far as one house wide and back. just need to keep plugging away. I pick up my wheelchair tomorrow from Wheelchair service.

Hi so sorry to hear about your stroke and the situation you find yourself in. Please stay positive, you will get there with determination.
Some days are better than others you will feel fatigued, so listen to what your body is telling you and take a day at a time.
I had my stroke 20 months ago I was In hospital from August until October. I had a left side weakness subluxation of my shoulder and a drop foot.
I came out of hospital on a Zimmer frame just walking a few steps.
I had physio from the NHS for and few weeks but carried on having physio privately which has been a great help and do excise’s at home.
I now walk independently with a carbon fibre splint on my left leg I am using my left arm and hand still weak but getting there.
I did my test with the DVLA and back driving locally.
When I came out of hospital I didn’t think I would be doing the things I can do now? So keep positive and you will get there
Good luck and let us know how things are going?


Hi Dottie, thank you for your message. I always try to keep my glass half full. Learning to listen to my body as I struggle to understand fatigue.

I am struggling with going out, for say a, lunch as I still struggle with my right arm.

@a.clare71 it’s great to hear that you managed to get outside for a little bit. That’s a massive achievement for someone with agrophobia. Build the distance up a bit at a time & you’ll soon get there. We’ll done xxx

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Hi Clare I found it difficult to eat out following my stroke. I felt very self conscious. Friends and family would cut up my meal and I would just use my fork. I can cut up most thing now and have a very funny action when doing it and still have difficulty with things like meat.
The more you go out and do this, the easier it gets.
So good luck and enjoy your days out.


Hi a.clare71 – I well remember the beginning of my recovery, when I did just as you are doing–going out with my walker to my neighbors house and back. Did that for a while. Then 2 houses. And so on. Takes quite a while to build up strength in the muscles again and stamina. But just keep at it and don’t lose heart. You’ll get tired and need to rest. That’s normal. My best wishes go with you on your journey to health. I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne


Shwmae @a.clare71, stay proactive and may the inner-Viking find you to warrior forward. :grinning:

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Stay positive and be careful and happy and laughing is the way to do it :wink:

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Hang in there, for you are coping with sooooooo much! Gently does it. Well done with getting so far. You are amazing, and will improve with every day that passes!

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Thanks for your openness and honesty in your post. Every little step makes a massive difference, so set yourself little goals each day. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a day when things don’t go to plan, but keep pushing your boundaries just a bit. It is also useful to keep a wee line in a diary or journal of your achievements each day. Comparing day-to-day progress sometimes doesn’t seem to amount to much, but looking back after two or three months helps you to realise - and celebrate - how far you really have come!

Best wishes and richest blessings for a brighter tomorrow.


Hi @Dottie. My father has just been discharged from hospital after 2.5 months. He can walk around 4-5 metres. But gets tried easily. It gave me hope to see your message but I was interested to know what prognosis the docs / physio gave for your post discharge recovery - is did they expect to regain walking / driving. They seem very cautious that dad won’t do more but I just can’t accept that.

@Fatema you will compare your dad to others, bound to.
I had a stroke 6 months ago and have seen other folks getting way ahead while I seemed to make no progress at all. It didn’t do anything for my spirits but I’ve always been a stubborn so and so and just kept plugging on.
Within the last month I finally managed to make one or two steps alone in the house. I bought a second hand hand rollator and can now get about the house. I’m drilling myself in picking up my ‘dropped foot’ as I slowly move about. My walk is improving and I’m pleased to be making some progress.
I still haven’t managed to get out of the house, as others seem to do, but I am more at peace with myself. I will make progress, of this I am now certain, but it will be at my own pace. The tale of tortoise and hare springs to mind.
Don’t expect too much and be happy, celebrate small successes. It doesn’t need to be a race, or a marathon, there is time to enjoy the scenery.

Carer or stroke survivor, take break, relax, smile, you have a tomorrow.

Keep on keepin’ on :smiley:

No one can tell you how it is all going to work out.


Hi Fatema so sorry to hear about your Dad. If he feels anything like I did when I was discharged from hospital he will feel exhausted. I must say I have never felt so exhausted in my life. I know you are keen for him to get going with his rehab but he has to listen to his body and rest because by over doing it will push him back.
On leaving hospital nobody told me what I would achieve as no two patients are the same.
Some days I was brighter than others so I could do more and some days I did absolutely nothing but now nearly two years on I am as you say back driving walking but with a funny gait independently cooking and things around the house. I do get tired but listen to my body and take a rest.
I still go to a Nero physio privately and I have a massage which I must say has kept me positive.
I think it would be helpful for dad to keep up with physio and to have the odd massage to help with moving his joints and muscles.
I hope things improve for him be gentle with him good luck and let us know how things are progressing.

Thank you @Bobbi and @Dottie for your replies. Trying to take it a day at a time but it is hard - especially seeing not only my dad but also my mums life change so drastically. Keeping the faith and hoping for the best.


@Fatema I can’t give you any real comfort but your story is not over, there will be developments, not necessarily at the pace you expect, or would like. Come here onto this Forum and share your feelings, your news, advice even. You will find that you will be heard, you will get fellow feeling, you might get some answers too. It will certainly release you from what can be a lonely prison.
Best wishes from me and from the others here too.

@Dottie I would like to book massage for my dad but not sure what type of massage to go for. Would you have any advice?

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Hi Fatema you need to phone a therapist and ask if they treat stroke patients.sometimes they are linked to a GP ‘s surgery. Is Dad still having Physio?
It is hard to stay positive but stay strong and the positive out of all this is you still have your Dad.

@Dottie he hasn’t started physio post discharge. But he really would like a massage as he feels in pain in different places. Found one place but they seem to be upselling lots of different things. Absolutely I couldn’t ask for more than my dad being here with us!