Stroke following violent assault


I am a nurse following an assault where a patient kicked me in the head I became symptomatic which lead me to a&e approximately 5 weeks after the assault. I was given a CT scan which then discovered I had had a stroke. I am 51 and have found this diagnosis devastating. 

I am waiting for all sorts of referrals for my various symptoms, left side numbness weakness, tinnitus,  deafness, headaches, fatigue, crippling anxiety, nausea and depression. 

I wondered if anyone has suffered a stroke following a similar incident. I was offered no support from my employers and was forced to work with the assailant until I left. The police seem reluctant to interview him until they see my medical records. 

I feel very fearful for the future and almost paralysed at the moment any help advice or support would be greatly appreciated

Thanks x

Gosh, Nimby, what an awful experience to go through. It seems like you have been abandoned by authorities who should be taking better care of your circumstances. I can't offer any useful advice as I wouldn't know where to start ... perhaps citizen's advice maybe? I can offer advice on stroke, and everyone on the stroke forums are very supportive. 

Stay brave. 

Hi NIMBY. My stroke came after a schizophrenic threatened to stab me because his voices were telling him to. My bp clearly went through the roof and caused a bleed on the brain. Had left side weakness, but through physio, exercise and willpower, I have improved enormously. I still have a weak left arm and hand and I can walk with a stick.

Are you getting support from your union?

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I'm so sorry you had to go through such a traumatic experience!   Whatever the cause, a stroke in itself is a trauma.   I, too, had a lot of anxiety after my stroke 3 years ago.  Finally, I saw a counselor for a few weeks.   She really help me a lot with the anxiety.  I also used CBD oil  and CBD gummies for my anxiety and muscle spasms.  Eventually,  most of that went away.  I only use the gummies once in a great while now.  Whatever you are going through, one thing I can say, "Things will get better."  The brain heals and rewires, and so a lot of stroke symptoms improve or fade.  Often, though,  it seems to take a long while, so don't get discouraged.  Brain rewiring takes time, but it does happen.  I was totally paralyzed on my left side and couldn't walk.  Now I walk almost 2 miles a day and play the ukelele.   So, hang in there.  Try to keep positive. I'll remember you in my prayers tonight. smiley Jeanne

such a relief to read such a positive post. it is lovely how we support and advise each other. I have never heard about cbd oil or gummies but I think so I should try. How do you use oil and what strength you have been taking for gummies?

It has been two and half years since I do not find the energy in myself at all. fatigue is always with me which keeps me down and in a very low mode.

I know we can never be the same again but I would love to live my day fully.


Do not be ever sorry about how do you feel, no one can understand how we are pulling ourselves.

God bless you and all.

this is very sad. I can not understand why there was no permanent support was available for you if there was your blood pressure would not have reached that point. sending hugs.

Thank you, but I don't dwell on it. A schizophrenic is not responsible for their actions due to their poor mental health. I accepted what happened and have moved on. I might not be the person I was, but I am the person I have become, no matter how difficult it is to accept.

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I've heard the CBD oil drops work fastest and are dropped under the tongue.   I used 20 mg.  (which was 1/2 dropper). If I didn't feel better in 45 minutes to an hour, I'd take another 20 mg. The chocolate mint tasted best to me.   Some people need more or less.  I 've read the general rule of thumb is to start out low - like maybe 8 to 15 mg. and increase if needed until you see results.   You don't want to overdo it.  I did check with my GP and my cardiologist first, and both were ok with it.  My GP said a lot of her patients use it.   The gummies are very convenient, and I think taste better.   I have a jar where each gummie is 25 mg.  You can buy different strengths.  I used CBD for muscle spasms and anxiety.   I didn't drive if I took it during the day.  I wasn't sure if it would affect my driving.   But 99% of the time I took it at bedtime.  That was when I experienced the most leg spasms and anxiety. (Both of which interfered with my sleep.) God Bless you too.smiley Jeanne

That is how we all can survive if only we can accept what happened to us and move on. yes, we all can never be the same again but we cannot stop living loving this life.

sending prayers

Thanks a lot to explain this to me. i understand it much better now.

sending prayers.

Hi I'm going to see my gp today face to face ,I'm going to ask him about taking CBD oil spike to the pharmacist on the ward she said the the enzymes in it can contraidicate with clopi and atorvastatin ,it's got enzymes like in grapefruit which we can't take either ,so I will pop and see him and see if he can deal with my demon anxiety ,wish me luck ..pippy x



A brief but succinct article on Forbes about CBD and grapefruit shared enzymes ... 

Personally, I'm very wary of drug interactions, chemical and natural. I am a keen forager and hobbyist herbalist, and know too well the hyperbole that can sometimes surround super-foods and super-herbs without indepth research (partly to do with the enormous financial gain to any particular industry or business looking to enter the market). It's my own humble perspective, but a stroke led me to feel anxious, I personally would err on the side of caution lest allow myself a second, and the increased anxiety that would come with it.

Decisions are so much more complicated now, I check contraindications with vigilance, even having pulled up my GP for nearly prescribing unsuitable medication. And I know it's a bit of a lottery, and maybe I'd be fine, but I don't want to be in the 1-2% again as with cerebellar stroke, and knowing my luck I'd be the one who reacts badly to it. I'm a great advocate of the placebo, but I am yet to find one that expunges panic attacks and anxiety. The best I can do is a small jigger of brandy at night while reading. 

My partner is encouraging me to try another natural remedy that is currently having clinical trials for depression and stroke, but with a bit of pragmatic investigation, I read that it possibly contraindicates SSRI meds, so I can't win.