Stroke fatigue

Hi  does anybody know if you can still get stroke  fatigue 3 years after a stroke.

Yes indeed. I am three years on and have post stroke fatigue every day at about noon. I then go to bed for an hour around 12.30, then I am fine till gone 11 at night. I have always found it odd as I do not get up till 8 am, so the fatigue comes on a mere 4 hours after a good night’s sleep. Mind you, I am now 75 so Age May have something to do with it. I never resist. I just listen to my body and rest.

Thank you John.

I have very random attacks and I can lose 48 hours in and out of sleep ,till I can function properly again.

Dear Nicki6

Regret to say that I am 40 months poststroke and the "post stroke tiredness" which I call stroke fatigue, still rages on. I do not think that John and me are the only ones, there are a lot of us. I note that much medical research is being done for ME and other brain problems, so maybe help will one day arrive. In the meantime I try my hardest to reduce the SF. Sleepy sleep is essential to avoid SF getting severe. I get benefits from having a nap just after about 90 minutes after rising. If I dont sleep well, I use a tinnitus relaxer, which is a little machine that plays crashing waves (or bird song or rain etc etc) with white noise in the background. Connevans sell one for £23 plus about £6 postage. Some NHS services might supply one without charge.

I did get one day without SF and it made me realize just how miserable SF actually is. 

Maybe we can ease the SF a bit. Mainly by not doing too much.

I find that using my PC, watching TV, caring for my adored cat and gentle chatting with friends are the few things that do not tire me.

After three years you probably know all of the above. But its nice to share info isnt it.

Best wishes


Hi Nicki6, 

I am 5 1/2 years after a stroke and still suffer from fatigue. But sod them and not giving in no matter what! Take it easy and learn what your body say's to you because you will get better with time eventually!

Have just done a 100mile cycle with a friend for myself.

Hang in there!