Stroke at 32

Hi I'm Michelle im 32 and I had a stroke the 1st of this month. Basically I was sat down watching tv when had sudden sharp pain back right side of head at the same time I was really dizzy I thought I was going to pass out and everything went white. Couple of seconds after the white went away but was left with no vision on the left hand side in both eyes. Straight away I though brain aneurysm or stroke so went to A&E. 2 times they sent me home with migraine cause I have had them in the past (even though I said they were completely different), but the last time they referred me for urgent neuro app which I went to the next day. So went to see him which is now 4 days after stroke and he said he wasn't sure but referred me to stroke team for check up. Went home again and went back next day to stroke unit, had MRI and confirmed stroke right posterior cerebral artery and small leison left cerebellum. Stayed in hospital for 7 days with everyone asking was I on the wrong ward lol. I felt fine other than dizziness and vision but few days after my left arm started feeling weak and I had full on panic attack thinking I was having another one (I wasn't). Got 28 day heart monitor fitted week after next and bubble echo to check for holes in the heart. I don't smoke, rarely drink, not overweight, no hormone pill so don't know what caused the blood clot yet. Im so anxious all the time I'm so scared about having another one even worse or a heart attack I literally can't function, I'm, not sleeping.

I think when I'm back working in 2 week and not worrying about money I will feel better but I don't think I will relax completely until I know the cause and fix that so it's less likely to happen again. The kids take my mind off it until i shout at them and my head hurts :)

Regained 50% of the lost vision back so I have like a blind spot I can't see and Proberbly won't get back but it's only the top left corner I don't need it lol. Some dizzines, burning tingling sensations over body and get tired really easy if i do a bit of shopping or something like that and forget what im saying while im saying it (so annoying) but that's about it really. Did or does anyone else have bad anxiety about it happening again and did get better? (Already on anti depressants as have suffered with depression and anxiety in the past even though the depression has gone I've always controlled the anxiety.)

Hi - just a quick note, as you will receive lots of support from others on this site.  Your anxiety is normal, everyone worries that this will happen again and they will suffer a second stroke.  It sounds as though you're having to manage a lot of things - children etc.  You will be so tired and your brain will need masses of rest in order to begin to repair.  Hopefully you have someone who can give you practical help so that you can get rest when you need it.  Returning to work after 2 weeks may be rather optimistic, but you know how you're feeling.  Most SS take longer to get back to work, as that will be a huge challenge to your brain, at the time when it most needs to rest and repair.  Sorry to be brief, I'm rushing off to work!

Please look after yourself, and get plenty of rest - take care xx

Hi Michelle,  It took me a year before returning to work, two weeks I feel is far too quick, your body needs time to repair.  I am surprised that A & E didnt do CT scan when you went in the first time, I didnt present typical stroke symptons, but the ambulance guys were terific and when I got to the hosp I was rushed down for scan which confirmed and this was followed by thrombolsyn (spelt wrong) sorry!  I came home after four days and had terrible stroke fatigue which I still get but not as often.  Everytime I leave the house I worry incase it happens again, it goes with it Im afraid.  This week I am getting an automatic car as I cannot manage manual anymore, and then its build the confidence again as I havnt driven for a year either.  So as you see everything takes time.  

As for money, ring the ESA helpline, you may qualify automatically for Contribution based esa, and they will help you do the claim over the phone.  Your doctor should provide you with the sick notes for as long as you need to be off.  Whatever you do don't rush back and when you do, have a phased return. Get occupational health involved too.

Best bit of advice is contact the local Stroke association group, they will assign you a coordinator who will help you with everything.  

Good luck

Two weeks back to full time work? Seems a little bit much. At least have a word with your manager or HR coordinator about your back to work plans. Read the ‘Back to Work’ section - and perhaps call the Back to Work coordinator at the Stroke Association.

Keep us informed about your progress! Good luck!

I've accidently pressed report instead of reply how do I undo it  ?

Also thanks for your reply, by the time I go back to work in 2 weeks it will have been 6 weeks since my stroke but I get what your saying, I think I can do more than I can at the minute. Work are really good about it but thinking of money as well which doesn't help but there must be some help towards that if I stayed off longer ☺

I had a stroke in 2011, I thought a couple of weeks and I'd be back up and running, then it went to a couple of months, eventually it came clear, I wouldn't be able to return. But I was formerly a nurse specialist (MH).

Anxiety is common, as is depression following a stroke, the brain can get a bit confused. I don't think there is necessarily an actual cause for the emotions, it's just the brain trying to heal and reroute processes. Obviously we worry about what if, but the brain in its own wisdom can overreact.

Don't rush the healing, I know the feeling of wanting to get back to normal, but think about a phased return, little steps are better than a sprint.

The feeling of extreme tiredness can last a while, don't fight it, if you need a kip, have a kip, again, it's just part of the healing.

Hope I haven't added to your anxiety, try to not worry, because you have had a stroke, means that you are probably on the right meds to guard against another or any other circulation problems. 

Healing takes as long as it takes, if people offer help accept it.

I wish you well.

Thanks Wendy, I had ct scan first time but they couldn't see anything but when the stroke doctor looked at the same scan 4 days later he saw it.

Congratulations on the car!

By the time I go back to work in 2 weeks it will have been 6 weeks since my stroke but I'm just going to see how I am  I am worried about money but like you said they will be something I can claim to fill the shortfall.

Thanks for the reply ☺

Hi thanks for the reply, yeah I think definatley anxiety is a part of it for everyone which is the worst part for me bit I do think I need Proberbly a bit more time to get better before work. I know if money wasn't an issue I would stay off longer but I'm going to look into it. Thanks again xx

Thanks boots your so right. One minute I feel like I'm fine then the next I feel not like me. I'm definatly doing a phased return to work so I can see how I go when I'm there. 

Thanks again ☺

Good decision, based on sound advice.  Maybe not what you'd wanted to hear but it will be best in the long run, your body will let you know when it's ready smiley

Check in with the stroke team, (a person called Vicki), they may be able to help you to access any funds you may be entitled to.  Hope you get some help and then you can allow yourself time to get better - very best wishes xx

Hello, I was 50 when I had a stroke back in jan 2017 . I like you don’t smoke,don’t drink eat healthily and was physically active. I ran a disabled out and about group for children and worked full time in a secondary school as a SEN TA. I had no pain and one minute I was sitting there and the next I was on my way to hospital. I was fully conscious the whole time. I ended up not able to walk,talk or move my right side.i was devastated. I was lucky that cognitively I wasn’t effected. Something that haunted me in hospital when I saw some that were. I  enventually gained my speech and slowly have learnt to walk again. The arm and hand is still work in progress but making progress.ivehad all the tests going but no answers. Blood pressure is fine, cholesterol is fine , no heart problems etc. The only thing I can summise  is two weeks before it happened I took a nasty blow to the head. But who knows. I am constantly worried it will happen again and I too am on anti depressants.ive returned back to my job as a Ta after a phased return. It’s hard and I still haven’t been out without someone with me. I’m fine at work apart from the fatigue. I just want to put my boots on and go for a long walk with the dog or get in the car and drive to the shops but I can’t and that causes me great sorrow. It’s difficult when you’ve been so independent and so active.there are days when I’m too tired to talk or listen and I’m sure people think I’m being impolite. There are also days when it’s all too frustrating and I just want to cry.i don’t have any answers but I know I’m better than I was and hope to be better than I am. However long it takes X

Get in touch with your work - please! Your manager, hr, and try to negotiate a phased return. You have rights and responsobilities. Read the information on the site and get in touch with a representative from the Stroke Association or telephone the Back to Work contact. Like I said before, good luck and keep in contact. ???


Hi Shelle

I'm sorry to hear about your stroke. As everyone has so rightly said, there are options available to you if you don't feel ready to return to work just yet. 

You can speak to your GP or stroke consultant who can sign you off work for longer, and you can speak to HR and occupational health at your company to plan a phased return when you are ready to return.

In the meantime, if you are not eligible for further sick pay through your employer, you should be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), which is paid by your company for up to 28 weeks. You can read more about this here -

Also, you can contact the organisation Turn2us who will be able to offer you some guidance on what benefits you are entitled to, based your personal circumstance -

On their website, there is an online benefits calculator, which you can fill out and shows you your entitlement.

You could also contact ACAS, who provide advice and information to employees -

Hope this helps, but do remember to not push your recovery. There are services out there who can support you, as well as the Stroke Association; we provide access to coordinators who can support people affected by stroke, you can contact the Stroke Helpline on 0303 300 100 to see if there is a service in your area.

Take care



Thankyou so much for you information Vicki, its been 1 month and I feel worse today than I did a few weeks back, the headaches and dizziness are awful which isn't going to help when I work in accounts on 2 computer screens. And the tiredness has got worse not better. I was back at the doctors today and he's signed me off for 2 months but I will have to look into the money situation first.

Thanks again

Hi Sharry

Sorry to hear that and hope you make a full recovery. I'm hoping I feel more like my old self soon. I don't know whether I feel worse because I'm not doing anything but when I do I feel crap also. Like you said it's just frustrating when you've always been independent. X


Thanks everyone for their replys.

Past few days I've been really tired but woke up this morning with loafs of pressure in head around ears and they feel like they need popping. I got out of bed really quick and ran downstairs to answer the door and my head started pounding and felt faint for a few seconds. I've noticed this happens if I bend down also.

Has anyone else experienced the ears feeling full and the head pressure when bending down?

Thanks againfor the reply, I know it's Proberbly all normal after a stroke but I feel better asking people who've been through it x


It's sometimes since I've checked in, thought I'd ask how things are going? I hope well, but you are welcome to cus me if not ☺