Stroke at 19. Loss of vision. How can I improve my vision

Hi everyone. Firstly, I am new to the My Stroke Guide family and wanted to emphasise that the discussions here have been extremely comforting. I had a stroke on 4 April 2020 a day after my 19th Birthday! I suffered an infarct in the right occipital lobe causing a loss of sight in the top left quadrant of my vision (upper left quadrantanopia). It's been a month since the stroke and I am looking for advice on how to restore vision in that area through visual rehabilitation or any other ways such as eye exercises etc. Thanks for the help in advance and I am looking forward to help others in the future.

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Hi aaron

Soory to hear abou your stroke, I had a stroke on the 30.03.20 and think I have the same but due to the current Covid situation am not able to see a specialist as yet looking at the timing you might have found the same.

ive tried to find online solutions and found a few apps, no idea if they help but won't to try anything in the meantime as need to be able to drive when back to work. 

lumosity app has with various brain activities to hopefully help the brains neuroplasticity properties but please do post any information you might find as that would be great.






Hello Rob. Sorry to hear about your sight. I had two strokes 7 months ago. The second one was in migraine after which my full sight hasn't returned. I have a blind patch with double vision in top left quarter of vision in left eye. I have stroke damage my follow up to optician has been postponed due to covid.blessings judy

Hello Aaron. So sorry to hear about the stroke and loss of sight. I have the very same damage and symptoms as yourself 7months post two strokes. I was due another optician vlsit this month but can't go because of virus. Let's hope something can be done to help us. Blessings judy

I had a stroke in May and I appeared to making a good recovery but 3 weeks ago I suffered a swollen optic neve in my right eye which has led to me having impaired vision. This is not good as  I already have the same problem in my right eye from 18 moths ago. I have seen specialists and they have said the opic nerve in my left eye is now okay but it has left scar tissue across my vision. I am seeing another Opthmalogist but I fear she will say the sme as the  last one that there is no cure and they cannot understand what caused the problem as they say I have not got hypertension. Regards Chris   These resources might help

Hello Chris thanks for your post. I have scar tissue permanent from stroke in the occipital lobe. You get used to only having part vision after a few months. I bump into door frames etc. You soon learn to avoid them. Take care regards judy

I have lost some sight in one eye and now have glasses with prisms that direct light to the part of my eye that can still see. They have made an enormous change for me, I can now read again, not for as long as i used to , but they have made a big improvement. Hope this helps someone else.