Stroke 'anniversary' today

29th August, 2017 my husband suffered a stroke.  It was fairly late that evening, 10.30, we were just getting ready for bed.  I heard a noise from the bathroom as if he had fallen over, when I reached the door I realised that he was just slumped against the frame, and definitely not himself.  In spite of his protests I called 111, and to cut a long story short, I told them that I couldn't possibly drive him to A&E myself, as his condition was deteriorating before my eyes, and I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on the 45 minute drive, and look after him, so they upgraded the call to 999.  By the time the ambulance arrived, he wasn't able to stand or take his own weight, so had to be carried downstairs to the ambulance.  The longest night of my life then followed.  Eventually at about 5.30 the next morning one of the doctors said she thought he'd had a stroke, but this wasn't confirmed until about 4 days later.  

Anyway, here we are, one year on, and things are much better than I could have hoped for - thanks to his positive attitude and general strength of character, as he frequently reminds me "I'm still here".  I've had support from friends and family, but also support and learning opportunities from contributors to this site.  You have all given me detailed insight into the after affects of stroke, supplied information and encouragement - a huge thank you for that.  Now we move into Year 2, and hopefully will still be posting in August 2019!!!


Thanks so much, take good care - Nic xx

I am sure you will be posting in 2019 and with better and better news. The important thing is you found him quickly and got him to hospital in good time. That helps. However, an old friend of mine had two....the second in his sleep.... and was not found by his wife till morning. He was 78 at the time. He is now over 80 and, unlike me, walks without a stick. A lot of that improvement came after the first year. I recognise all the trauma of that first night because my partner had the same. When stroke arrives there are often no warning signs  and yet strokes are devastating. He has reached the first milestone and there will be more to celebrate as time goes on.

Thanks John.  I know we're the lucky ones, the survivors.  There's no rhyme or reason with strokes is there?  A friend of a friend had a major stroke, May 2018, aged 60, the hospital told her husband that she was unlikely to make it through the night, and was urged to let  the family know and to prepare for the worst.  She is now back at home, gardening, walking her dogs, and caring for her husband who has Parkinsons.  She doesn't seem to be overly troubled by fatigue, is able to prepare basic meals and potter around doing household chores!  I'm immensely pleased for her, and her amazing recovery, but so mindful of the 'unique-ness' of every stroke, and the difficulties that clinicians face in trying to predict outcomes.  Our brains and bodies are such complex combinations.

Best wishes to you x 


Hi I’ve just read your message..a year today and heading in the right direction good on you two.

i look forward to saying the same thing in February next year and hopefully things will be brighter for us as well

thanks for sharing it with us..onwards and upwards with love x

Thanks June, I will keep a look out for your post in Feb 2019, don't ever lose heart smiley best wishes x

Well done on your anniversary! I know it's one you wouldn't have chosen to celebrate.  But your husband  and you have made the most of the situation you found yourselves in. 

During the time I'm sure you have had highs and lows and been amazed by the new skills you've learnt. 

I hope you look forward to your celebrations in 2019 .

Congratulations to you both x

Ah, thanks so much, yes 'anniversary' doesn't seem the appropriate word, but couldn't think of an alternative!  

Best wishes xx

Hi Nic - I have finally found your post that I saw before the site changed and then suddenly I couldn't find it anymore! So sorry it's late but just wanted to say I'm glad your husband is good and things are on the up for you both.  I had my stroke on the 16th August 2017 so a few days before him.  Your comment regarding his protests at not ringing 999 rang very loud bells for me! I also refused to let my husband ring 999 when I had my stroke and even though he rang 111,they were 'pretty certain' I hadn't had one which speaks volumes about the lack of understanding/training in that sector!  3 hours later, I was paralysed down my left side.  So after a good telling off from the Stroke Consultant at hospital for not ringing 999 immediately, I now know the signs and wouldn't hesitate. I could have saved myself a lot of problems if I'd have let my husband ring for an ambulance straightaway.  I'm glad your husband had a good 1st 'Strokey birthday' and here's a raised glass to you both for 2019!