Stroke and vascular dementia

My husband (67) is now in permanent care owing to dementia following on 18 months after strokes (3). He constantly walks up and down. Does any one have experience of this? I don’t know if my visits make it worse, care home think not.


@kyberpast so sorry to hear of your husbanfs situation…tough for you both. I always used to think visiting my mother in law who had dementia made everything worse especially as she didn’t know who we were in the end. Not sure though if it did make any difference or whether it actually distressed me more.
You may find your husbands walking up and down is a dementia thing and would still happen if you didn’t visit. Life can be horrid at yes can’t it. Sending you much love and good wishes. Xx

Thank you for your kind reply. Gordon is still mentally alert some days and doesn’t want me to leave, so it is sad for both of us.

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I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s stroke and the fact he is now living with dementia.
I suggest having a look at information about dementia, go to a dementia friends presentation (Alzheimers Society) which helps with basic information, perhaps join the dementia carers association or talk with an Admiral nurse on 0800 888 6678,or send an email to Each journey is different but some people living with dementia have a need to be continually moving which can be stressful for loved ones. I hope you get the right help.
(I’m a stroke survivor of 3 years and was a lone carer for my husband living with advanced dementia ).

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Thanks for your reply. I have read info available online, and have read books from the library. G. was at home as a stroke survivor for nearly a year, but kept in the care home after regular falls, just meant to be respite care. He had a disastrous fall at the Home, resulting in two bleeds on the brain Vascular dementia ensued. He cannot do anything now and is miserable, as anyone would be. With the home being closed to visitors I have not seen him for nearly two weeks. I am trying to get him back home, with carers coming in. Seems better than him staying there