Stroke and the contraceptive Pill

Am totally convinced the contraceptive Pill, was the reason the tumour grew on my heart.  That breaking up, and a piece of which floated to my brain, caused the stroke! Doctors are 50/50 about whether the Pill was the cause, or if it was simply bad luck.  Know how I feel deep inside about what I believe, and how it all affected me mentally as well as physically.  Anyone else?  Thanks.  Peace Carole 

Hi Carole, you're  not the first person to think that the pill can be connected  to stroke. I attend a weekly support group and a young girl in her early 20's  suffered a stroke whilst taking the contraceptive  pill. Her mum said she was originally on Microgynon, which they replaced with a cheaper version and she then had a stroke. Her mum is convinced there is a link and is currently  doing some research into the possibility. 

Take care

Regards Sue 

Hi, I remember that there were a number of risks, connected to the Pill, as is the case with many meds. I guess that in the early years there wasn't much data available.  Data came from those of us using it and reporting any issues. I also remember that I was given monthly blood tests, and six monthly check-ups for the first few years of taking it.  I never experienced any problems, but know of others who tried several different Pills as they tried to find one that suited them.  Weight gain was an issue for many, and I would guess that this could in turn lead to secondary problems??  

We all know our own bodies, and often have a suspicion about links between conditions - it just comes down to proving it!!  If the data isn't collected and issues acknowledged, we'll never really know.  Sometimes you might find a sympathetic medic who will listen and consider the link, but much more needs to be done, this is still a widely used medication so there should be plenty of data by now!!

Take care, stay safe xx  



Susan THANK YOU for proving I am not being paranoid!  That poor young girl.   I was only 28 when my own stroke happened.  Am 55 now.  The Pill I was taking at the time was Dianette.  I am with your support group in spirit.  Send my love to all.  Thanks, and hope all goes well with the work into a link.  Peace Carole

Right on sister! Totally agree with you, about investigation.  Just look at Thalidomide FFS!  Look at the disaster that turned out to be.

I did try a few, thankfully never gained weight or suchlike.  However, I know their leaflets always warn of a potential clot, but you never think it will happen to you, do you?  Also, the number is so minisclule anyway, I guess.

It happened so long ago, and I've overcame so much, can't be bothered fighting now.  True, there must be lots more data nowadays.  I never want to take hormone treatment now, just in case haha!  Stay safe and ta xx

Hi Carole, yes so sad for the young girl, she was studying  at Oxford University at the time. Luckily  she has no physical  problems, she is having speech  therapy and seems to be doing well. Unfortunately  we're  unable to hold our weekly  meetings  at the moment but will commence  as soon as we're  able. Her  mum is convinced  there is a connection to the pill and has been researching  the fact. When I was in hospital  after my stroke, we were all chatting with the nurses and one of them said to me "don't let your daughters  go on the pill".Who knows !!. Someone  said to my husband they thought there could be a connection, I used the pill years ago.

Stay safe

Regards  Sue

Thanks Sue.  Such a shame about the girl, but am glad she's not been affected physically.  I overcame 2 days to live, coma and total effing paralysis = took me a year in hospital though!  Luck of the draw, isn't it?  So pleased she is doing well at speech therapy.  Long may it continue...............

Totally understand her Mum researching it.  Best of luck to her in that, and I'll help if I can?  Yeah, you must miss the meetings, as we all miss outings right now!  Yeah, personally, I think The Pill is evil!!!  Glad it worked OK for you!  Stay safe.  Carole x

Hi Sue etc

Was contacted today again by Bayer, who make Dianette.  I wrote to them following this conversation, simply to make them aware of the possibility.

They'd like me to undergo trials but, since I am not totally sure it was to blame, deleted their emails.  Prefer my 'quiet life' now.  Ironically, was a massive fan of the group Japan, when I was a teenager haha!  Stay safe.  Peace Carole 

Hi Carole, that's  very interesting.  How's your lockdown going ?

Regards Sue

Hi Sue!  Swear to God, I have just ordered my good friend SUE's 60th birthday gift!  She loves Rennie Mackintosh, so ordered gorgeous silver (tarnish resistant) earrings!  Sorry, to answer your question, am loving the peace!  Housework, shopping once or twice a week, binging on iplayer with entire 'Waterloo Road' (already watched all of 'Spooks'!!), music, little weights and dancing!  Can't handle stress like I/we used to!

Hope you are coping OK?  Thanks.  Stay well.  Carole x laugh

Hi Carole, sounds like you are bearing up well. I should be celebrating  my 60th birthday in July in Spain with friends and family but I doubt very much that will be happening  ?.  We are doing ok on a daily basis. Doing lots of zoom meetings  with family and friends and lots  of zoom quizzes  which is fun. Going out for a walk every day with my husband, weather permitting. Can't  complain really, we're  lucky to have a nice garden to use. Just waiting  for estate agents and solicitors  to get back to work, we are moving  house when things start moving again  ?. Take care and stay safe  

Regards Sue 


Just as well that I'm used to living alone haha!  Like everyone, hate that my liberty and independence is away atm, needs must I guess!

So sad that your 60th might not be happening?  Fingers crossed.  I had a lovely 50th, with said good pal Sue, other great friends Linda and Marie.  Sue had a holiday home in St. Tropez, South of France at the time, so it was just us ladies for a week - was a right laugh!  Am sure you'll have a brilliant time altogether, whenever it happens!

Am not really technical, so plan to buy an iPad FINALLY when I see my mate, Duncan, after all this!  Can zoom call then at last LOL!  Well done you!  Telephone, text and email friends and family right now!  Glad that you and your husband can go for walks, or sit in the garden.  

Best of luck when the move happens at last!  I was a legal assistant before stroke, so always smile when I hear the word 'solicitors'!  Loved working in that high stress my teens and 20s!  Took stroke at 28.  You?  How are you affected?  My balance isn't great, so use a walker.  Like I told you, am not able to handle problems etc now. Stay well.  Carole   PS  My photo here was taken on that amazing holiday.

Hi, yes, an iPad would be great. I would be lost without  mine (never thought I would say that) ?. I worked as a part time  secretary  in an insurance brokers before my stroke. I sed to moan about working before ( I always wished I'd gone into nursing) but would  give anything to be able to go to work now. I had my stroke 3 years  ago, aged 56. I am walking with a stick outdoors and  potter about at home without. I am unable to use my left hand and arm. I do daily exercises  on my arm but have noticed very little improvement so far. ?. As you know it's  just so frustrating, although you have overcome so much.Well done you ?

Regards Sue 

Thanks Sue!

All my other friends are telling me I'd find an iPad really useful!  My sister, Linda, especially!  She's been trying to convince me for years!  Then this virus struck, and I'm hearing great things about them, so have FINALLY changed my mind haha!  Can afford one, that isn't the issue haha!  Simply didn't want one!

Let's hear it for the secretaries, huh?!  Receptionists too - was both of them for years too!  Agree about work.  Am on the board of my local Housing Association, plus am a shareholder too.  That always reminds me of the world of work, and I love it when I'm there.  Know lots of workers there too, and am popular (as I've always been in life).  Thank God! Phew.....

Good for you too.  Feel for you, and others having to live with the 'loss' of a limb (you know what I mean).  Keep at the exercises babe.  Don't want to give you false hope.  Yes, was very lucky, but hard work can pay off also.  (As it was for me, so am speaking from experience).  Thanks.   Best wishes Carolelaugh