Stroke after effects

Hello I had my stroke 2 years ago this month. I am wondering if anyone has any idea how to help the symptoms I am having. Everyday since I had the stroke 2 years ago 24 hours a day everyday my affected right side is always swollen top of head to toes and if you have ever hit your funny bone the initial shock you get when you hit it is how my whole right side feels constantly 24 hours a day. It is driving me insane as I cannot stay on my legs more than 5 minutes as it starts hurting bad. I have gained alottt of weight because I cannot get around. My question is does anyone have any idea how to get the Swelling to go away and the Funny Bone Shock I live with all the time to stop. My doctor is no help and won’t prescribe any pain pills for the pain. I have come to the fact that I will never be back to normal, but the Shock feeling has to go away I can’t take it anymore.

Thank You

Sounds very tough. That’s a long slog. I don’t know if this makes sense, but can you embrace the pain? Pain means you are alive and fighting.
Secondly, I would suggest try anything… We are going to try acupuncture, because that stimulates a broken system. They use battle acupuncture in the field instead of morphine for example for pain blocking. I will post a separate thread asking about this.
Keep trying anything until it eases.

Shwmae, I cannot help with the symptoms but can mention that you are not alone. Our guest speaker during our Zoom group described daily pins and needles all up his right side. Therefore, I imagine this has to be a “common” post stroke symptom for some. I will keep my eye out on the medical journals I now read for fun, and let you know if ai come across something related.

Some people are helped with CBD oil drops under the tongue. It helped me with my leg spasms. CBD Cream helps with my arthritis pain in my back. Also, some people are helped with hypnosis by a trained psychotherapist specializing in hypnosis. I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight, Asanue. :heart:jeanne

@asanue welcome to the forum. As @Mahoney has said can you see a different GP? There surely has to be some pain relief you can have. Also ask them for a referral to the pain clinic. What about trying CBT too?
Good luck x

Hi there and welcome.
I really think you should see another GP, or ask to be referred to a consultant. I suffer from Central Post Stroke Pain, which can manifest in varying types of pain. Mine is like having sunburn inside my affected limbs. Like Loshy, I take high doses of Gabapentin, built up over days and weeks. It really helps, but you need to be diagnosed. Good luck.

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