Stroke @ 32 part 2

Hi guys

Past few days dizziness has been really bad, espesh when standing from sitting and also my ears keep getting a high pitched noise like they are going to pop and dizziness. That was how my stroke felt (which is what's scaring me) but aswell as the ears also had extreme pain in head and vision loss when I had the stroke. Has anyone else experienced the ears thing, I think I'm just being paranoid as I've had no other symptoms of stroke maybe I just have an ear infection.

Everything scares me now ?


Hi. Sorry to hear you’re having dizziness. It is awful to live with. I think I would get it checked out by your GP just in case it’s an ear infection. Why suffer when it could be resolved. It’s understandable that your scared. You have every right to be and that in itself is debilitating. I too am scared but I try very hard to take myself out of the scared mode and do something practical and which I’m in control of. The brain is very good at always seeing the what ifs when the reality is you simply don’t know. So why worry about something you have no knowledge of. It hasn’t happened so concentrate on the real issue of dizziness and deal with that. It’s easier said than done, i know but just imagine the things that pass you by because of fear . Xx

How long ago was your stroke? I have mine 8 days ago and have a bit of dizziness that's making me really panic something is wrong. So horrible having all this paranoia. I do hope this ends for us all soon.

Hi, mine was 5 weeks ago. Yeah I'm paranoid about everything at the minute buy looking on this forum it's a common issue. My nurse told me I have less chance of another stroke than her because I'm on preventive medicine now which made me feel better, even if it's not true ? you will feel better soon, extra hard for you with only just having a baby with hormones and things x

I had my stoke 5 years ago when I was 32. Still can't do a lot of things. Right ankle don't lift very well. Right arm is weak. The depression is the worst thing comes and goes. I get angry over nothing. Life is very different. When I had my stoke It was nothing like the advert's. Just felt like I had a dead arm. But don't know anyone my age who's had one. When u see strokes on TV they are always older people. I just wish I had more info about stokes for people my age


Have a look at the Different Strokes website, a support group for younger stroke survivors.


Hi - if you have time, read the stories of stroke survivors on this site.  They have shared their struggles in great detail, and I'm sure you will find that you're not alone, and that many of your symptons are shared by others.  Stay positive, have a browse of the site and hopefully it will give you inspiration.  Take care ?

From my own experience, what stroke survivors deserve is empathy, not sympathy. We have had an experience that changes our lives, but we are all affected differently: physically, emotionally, mentally. 

I was lucky in that I had a mini-stroke, and appreciate it could have been so much worse. Getting past the temporary limb paralysis was the easy bit. Four and a bit years later, I feel physically fine. I'm still battling every day with the non-visible effects: I forget names (people, places, things), sometimes have word blockages, and can get mentally tired quite quickly.

But you know what? My perspective on life has changed for the better, despite all that. I call my mini-stroke "my second chance", for that very reason. It made me step back and look at what is really important to me.

I can't turn back the clock, so I'm going to make the most of my tomorrows. 

Reading other people's stories on here makes me feel very humble. The effort that is shown to keep positive, is quite remarkable. This site has made me appreciate the power of the human spirit to deal with adversity.



i had my stroke at 50 , 18 months ago. I felt mortified and wondered why it happened to me......I didn’t have any of the much publicised symptoms and led a fairly healthy life style.  For a Long time I could not even admit I’d had a stroke. It was too much to even consider. In some ways it was self denial that enabled me to make initial progress . I became determined and even if I couldn’t do something I persevered  even to the pointof misery.this site has helped me a lot. Reading other people’s stories has opened my eyes to the fact it can happen to anyone at any age. 

Itstill holds a stigma for me, something I’m embarrassed to admit.

but gradually I’m coming to terms with it.x



Thx u very much I will do that.