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I’m 41 years old and currently waiting for an MRI scan this weekend as I spent the day in A&E on Monday after having a type of seizure at home that morning. They said it could have been a TIA, but sent me home after various tests (incl bloods, CT, ECG), told me to rest and wait for the MRI and follow up neurology appointment. I’m a little worried that they didn’t give me any medication at all after reading about aspirin often being prescribed, so wondered if I should contact my GP in the meantime?

I also wondered if I should be avoiding bright and flashing lights at all? I’m due to take my 6-year old Son to a concert next week and really don’t want to miss it if I don’t have to.
My mother in law has said I should avoid them, but I haven’t read anything about avoiding those kind of lights.

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I’m no doctor or specialist but I believe treatment in cases like this is a complicated affair.

One problem can be helped with certain drugs. A different problem showing similar symptoms when treated with the same drugs can create a life threatening situation.

Medical staff need to have a very accurate picture of the problem before starting any treatment because of this risk.

So the initial stage of diagnosis is vital. There are times when treatment is delayed because the results of an examination are not sufficiently clear to indicate the next step.

Be assured this apparent delay is for your safety and future well being.

I leave the rest for a doctor to explain. It would be a good idea to consult and tell someone your worries.

I hope your concerns are soon resolved.

Take care, but ask if you will be okay with those lights. I can understand how you want to keep your appointment with your son to the concert.


@jemmag_21 Hi & welcome to the forum. I hope the MRI & follow up neurology appointment provides you with the answers you need.

I would suggest contacting your GP re aspirin & would also talk to them about strobe lighting. If it was a seizure you had then bright & flashing lights could be an issue. As @Bobbi says you really need to wait medical advice to find out what has actually happened.

Whatever the cause i hope you are doing ok & that you get some answers really soon.

Best wishes



Hi @jemmag_21 and welcome :smile: I wouldn’t have thought bright and flashing lights would affect you after a suspected TIA unless your stroke affected your vision too. In which case speak with your doctor first for the sake of your health and wellbeing. Otherwise I see no reason you shouldn’t go to the concert if you are up to it.

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I assume that you have had a stroke some time ago and this isn’t just a first fit question unrelated.
Typically people have a fit around 9 months after their stroke if it doesn’t happen at the beginning. It is unlikely to be related to flashing lights which is an uncommon cause of epilepsy of unknown origin.
If you have had a stroke the likelihood of having another fit is quite high sadly so most neurologists would put you on medication to stop it happening again. This won’t be aspirin. I would ask your GP for a referral to a neurologist or epilepsy specialist.

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Thank you all.

It happened on Monday (& I also think last Thursday), so not long ago. However I have spoken to my GP practice today and the Dr at A&E put on my notes potential epilepsy and didn’t even mention TIA! I’ve no idea what’s going on now, but have my MRI tomorrow so I will be asking for more information there!

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