Stopped taking clopidogrel and statin

Hi has anyone just stopped taking their meds ? I have not felt right since I started taking meds after my stroke 8 weeks ago. I have not seen a consultant and every time I go to the doctor she sends me back to our local medical assessment unit in the hospital which I end up waiting hour on end. 
I stopped taking them 5 days ago now. Just looking for advice please 

Hi Jayc - do you know that not feeling "right" is due to the medication? Could it be that it’s the stroke that is causing you to feel that way? 

I'm not medically trained so I’d be reluctant to give advice, however I would never recommend that anyone just stops taking prescribed medication. There might be occasions when it is appropriate to stop some medication but I’d expect that to be a decision made in conjunction with a health professional. 

What did your GP say? I don't know what a medical assessment unit is so I don't know what they’re going to do for you. Did you see a consultant at the hospital? Could they give some telephone advice, maybe via their secretary? 

Don't forget that your medication has been prescribed to help prevent another stroke and you're still in the very early stages of recovery. 

Not sure that helps but my message is please don't leave yourself vulnerable to another stroke.

Hi Jayc, the Clopidogrel and statin are the 'standard' medication that patients are prescribed following a stroke so I wouldn't advise that you stop them without a) seeking medical advice and b) without taking an alternative medication.
There are several different statins, so maybe there is one that you could take that you may not have side effects from, but you must discuss this with your GP.  The same applies to the Clopidogrel which thins the blood and helps to prevent clots forming. I take aspirin as I can't tolerate Clopidogrel but this is with my GP's approval.

I think you should consult your GP and ask about alternative medication but please don't stop your medication without advice, you may leave yourself open to another stroke and that would be terrible. 

Make that appointment with your GP.


Thank you for taking the time to reply Ann. Xxx

Thank you. X


Hi Jayc, as frustrating as the situation is, I would echo the previous comments, and keep taking the meds until you have medical advice.  The attitude of your GP is not acceptable.  It sounds as though they are lacking experience, as they should be monitoring you in the early weeks after stroke.  If she doesn't know what to suggest, she should make sure you see a stroke consultant.  I had to fight hard for my husband to see a consultant, he was discharged from hospital with very little advice, and if I hadn't made a fuss I don't think he'd had ever seen a specialist.  

So, go back to the GP and explain that you need to see a consultant, ask if there is any other GP at your practice who may have more experience, and they could adjust your meds whilst you're waiting to see the stroke specialist.  If you have anyone who can do this with you and offer support, that would be good, as it sounds as though your GP is not taking good care.

Keeping fingers crossed for you  xx

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I had my stroke 4 months ago so am fairly familiar with what you are going through. When I first started taking my Clopidogrel I used to feel sick and dizzy. However I then started taking them with a cup of tea in bed an hour or so before getting up and felt that by the time i did get up the feelings of sickness didn't occur. 4 months on and still taking Clopidogrel and no longer get any feelings of nausea. I also take statins and read that they are most effective if taken at night, so now I take them the same time every night just before going to bed. I echo what everyone else says in that you need to keep taking the meds - however bad they make you feel surely that's better than the risk of having another stroke!


I've never heard of a local medical assessment unit either.. is it a new name for the Walk in Centre? maybe your GP should be chasing up the consultant to see why you haven't had a 6 wk follow up appointment? Regarding stopping, I was given Clopi and statins on discharge from hospital and felt extremely ill on both which ended up with 3 visits to A & E. I begged my GP to take me off them and give me something else as I was at my wits end with it all. He changed me to aspirin every night 75mg (baby dose for blood thinners) and I'm no longer on statins as A & E concluded I was allergic to them having tried all brands with the same side effects. I agree with everyone else, please don't stop without having something ready to take in place as you will be putting yourself at a high risk of having another stroke especially without the blood thinners. It is just a matter of finding a medication that you get on with and the right combination so don't despair too much. It does take a while to find one which suits you as it tends to be a 'one prescription fits all' approach with the NHS. Hope you get sorted soon.

 Thank you so much for your advice, I will be pushing next week to speak with someone as I have felt so alone since I had the stroke 

The medical assessment unit is the team we see after A&E but even though you skip A&E you still wait hours to see someone. I have started taking them again a much as I don't want to, from what I have read it's not good to stop them .thank you so much for your reply. X 

I stopped clopidogrel myself and replaced with aspirin. I stopped statins too after trying simvastatin and atorvastatin and replaced with a non statin alternative called ezetimibe. Only I know how I feel and I will decide what has a positive or negative effect on me, both mentally and physically. Not advocating this approach for anyone else, just explaining my own experiences. 

How long after your stroke did you do this please ? 

I guess it was between the 12-18 month period. Im now nearly 4 years post stroke. I hated statins, they were the 1st to go. I experimented reducing/eliminating some of the others and decided clopidogrel could go. Who knows exactly what is or isnt essential or necessary ? Maybe its the placebo effect in reverse, but I felt that I had taken back control. I have nothing but praise for the care I received and my GP is wonderful, but they cannot feel what I feel. 

I was taken off clopi and statins about 3 months after my stroke. I have no side effects from aspirin and try to keep my cholestrol level under control with Benecol drink each day. 

I had my stroke early march this year an had several problems tolerating medication and not a lot of help fromGP. I have now got it sorted myself and find that if I take aspirin 75mg with omezaprole to settle tummy after breakfast, I then take my vitamins around 12  and then my 2 BP tablets in evening. I was taking them all in the morning but found I felt so weak and muscles ached. This now works for me and has stopped the weak feelings and fogginess.  I think its trial and error for you on what works best for you! Good luck.Reorita

Also I cant take a statin have awful side effects and tried the enzetimibe too so I have to rely on Aspirin and as a statin is mainly to bring yourcholestrol down try to eat cholestrol benefit foods or benecol.Reorita

I have just had my 12th blood test since February. Low sodium and high platelet results....nothing has been resolved...I now think it is my meds after stroke.Clop and Atorvastatin..Ramipril. I am very fit,active,have mediterranean diet. It has made me feel so anxious,thinking there is something seriously wrong with me.My doctor's appointments are all on the phone....Another one tomorrow to discuss result of blood test last week..Reading replies on here has made me wonder if it is the meds.Obviously I won't stop taking them till there are replacements etc


keep taking the medication it will help just persevere and stay alive thats what matters