Stop smoking

Had a stroke last October - luckily no major physical impact, and have changed my diet etc. But finding it really difficult to give up smoking… any tips?

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It is twenty years ago, but when I had a heart attack I stopped smoking immediately. I used Nicorette Microtabs as a substitute. One tab produces a hit almost instantly like a cigarette. In company with other smokers I would slip one of the tiny tablets under my tongue almost immediately stopping the craving. They became a regular item on the shopping list. My doctor told me not to stop taking them as they were infinitely preferrable to cigarettes from a health stand point.
Of course I still had the addiction to nicotine which meant I was unable to quit them.
Then one day I was admitted to hospital, I had no visitors and did not have any nicotine tabs with me. This forced me to go ‘cold turkey’ for a week. When I left hospital I resolved to not return to the habit. Somewhere in the house there is an old packet of those tablets, but they have not been touched since, maybe ten years.

The smell of a lit cigarette was attractive for many years but I managed to keep off the nicotine.
It is strange to think that what once had such an alluring odour now smells, no stinks, repulsive.

I do occasionally have a sensation similar to a craving and think it might be the remnants of that addiction but in no way will I be ever tempted into that again.

Work at it Rob, you can do it.

I found this link, these are what I was referring to above:

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Thanks Bobbi, very helpful. Tried vapes but didn’t really work, I’ll have a go with the MicroTabs

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I’m no longer aware of how much it costs in cash to smoke, but back in the day one tablet was about the same price as a cigarette. If I’m not mistaken these tabs are now much cheaper, but it is more how well they work as a substitute that was the reason I used them. Just use one microtab when you would smoke a cigarette and the craving is satisfied.
You could also try to taper off the number you use, but I’d just concentrate on satifying the craving and completely stopping smoking for a start.

All the best, buddy.
this forum is full of information, sympathetic and knowlegeable people, it is always okay to ask if there is something you want to find out.


You could also try Snus as a cessation, it is now readily available in UK stores, it can also be ordered, cheaper, online from Sweden. It’s a tobacco free nicotine pouch that is placed under the lip and comes in many different strengths and flavours. Very popular in Northern Europe. My stroke consultant uses the Microtabs that @Bobbi has mentioned, but if you are or were a heavy smoker, Snus has a range of nicotine content that can be applied to the level of nicotine craving you have.


Thanks for the detailed message! Some strong messages in there, but has made me think. Thanks for this, much appreciated

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Hi ,try loads of different vapes to see which works for you, if I can do it anyone can good luck :pray:


Hi. When I had my heart attack in November 2021 I made a promise to myself if I survived I would never smoke again. After over 50 years smoking I needed all the help I could get. I joined quit smoking Wales which provided free patches and support for 4 months. I also used a vape to replicate the physical actions. Proud to say I have not smoked a cigarette since. I am now recovering from a stroke but at least I feel healthier if that makes sense . Good Luck you WILL do it.