Still struggling with friends forum

I am having trouble with the friends forum I followed what rups said and managed to send a message but I cant find a reply . I think I need lessons how to use a computer I manage to put messages on but struggle with anything else. As I have said before I found this forum I was so depressed all the time but now I am looking at daily. Thanks alll for being my constant companians sorry to be such a moaner.Norma.

when someone replies like this, just click on the message, read and then click reply if you want to reply to the message. I used to be amazing with computers, masters in maths, I can’t add up anymore and find more complex computer stuff a no no. Just keep trying i gueee, hope you’re ok

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Thanks I will keep on trying it gives me something to pass the time as I cant do a lot round the house. How I wish I could. Norma.

Dear Norma I too have difficulty with the friends forum. In fact I am a complete novice with modern technology! I post messages and replies and they disappear, never to be found but I keep on trying! Love Lilian

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Thanks I am glad somebody else has trouble I thought it was just me. It is so frustrating I would love to have friends I can message. As I have said I havent found anybody with the same sil head that I have got. I had the letter from the neurologist and it didnt give me much information about the mri scan I had. I am having to goand see him private as ther is a long wait on the nhs but my appointment privately is 27th October its all wait. Norma.

I think everyone struggles with the technology someone told me don't be afraid of the computer it won't bite you I think the problem we have it's making a mistake and do not know how to undo the mistake  one thing I've learned that you have to do the programme in sequence hope this makes sense


Hello Norma
I  am quite new here and I am a seasoned computer user but I find this forum far from intuitive. I am not surprised you are having difficulties. I am not visiting it often but I have seen that the members here are wonderful which helps makes up for the poor design of the forum.

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Good news Norma, Stroke Association are changing the forum. I've tested the new version, and it seems like it will be easier to use.

thanks for letting me know I will have a look. Norma.

I look forward to seeing that. I am used to much better designed forums than this current one and was surprised at how poorly executed it is by comparison. It is made up for by the lovely people that post on here. Thanks for this information. smiley Chris

Good to hear from you Norma. I am very unsure about how to use the site! I do not understand the symbols and not sure of how to post a message. I welcome any help from anyone!Lilian

I dont understand any of the changes I keep trying but dont seem to get anywhere. I mis reading messages I am sorry I am no help Lilian. NormA.

Thank you for your reply Norma. I too am struggling but keep on trying! Best of luck in your efforts. Keep in touch. Love Lilian

I will keep in touch I hope you are keeping well at least I am managing to send you a message. Best wishes. Norma.

Good to keep in touch.I keep trying on the Forum with limited success. I make replies which disappear! I was happy with the old system. Perhaps I am too old to change! Best wishes Lilian