Still on clopidogrel 75 mg and aspirin 75mg after a year, does this sound right?

I had an ischemic stroke on the 19th of may 2019, I was proscribed lansoprasel 15 mg as soon as I wake up then 75 clopidogrel and 75mg aspirin with my breakfast and 20mg of atorvastatin. I'm still on the same 15/07/2020, does this sound correct as the pharmacist keeps telling me to check it's right as it seems high, but doc just says it fine. Does any one else take the same. 
many thanks

My stroke was also Ischemic towards end of November last year and in hospital amongst other medications I was put on Asprin 300mg.

Discharged from hospital after 5 days and then after a further 5 days dropped the asprin and went onto Clopidogrel 75mg.

So the asprin was dropped for the clopidogrel.

You might want to look at the British Heart foundation website re medication because they give a lot of info on all medications we are on and also a link to pharma web site that has both the patient leaflet info and for doctors which contain more detail on the interactions between medication and why you might have a combination af asprin and Clopidogrel such as yours.

Best of luck but don't take no for an answer - ask why......