Still got to hope

My mum had a triple heart bypass on 8 August 2018 during which she had a massive stroke. This was only detected a couple of days after surgery when she failed to wake up. She still hasn’t regained consciousness up to now. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Hello Claire 

sorry to hear about your mam you must be devastated.

my story is a bit different but all the same here goes, my partner had a massive stroke in feb this year this resulted in brain surgery and removal of part of the scull, he was unconscious for a few days but gradually we are getting him back. please don’t think your alone and never give up x

Hi there, thanks for your message. It’s hard, next meeting on Friday and scares what they are going to say. Surely they can’t say end of life yet as everything else is working. Good to hear your partner is on the mend.

Hi Claire,

I am happy to share my experiance with you, I hope it helps. i have been very factual and direct in my description of my experiance, so please take that into account before you read.

My mother suffered a sudden haemorrhagic stroke when I was 19. She then spent three months on a coma being supported by life support machines. I had heard stories about coma patients being able to hear and process, so I would talk to her about my day to day life and so on, chatting as if I was having a two way conversation with her.

As months went by I was doubtful of recovery and sceptical when one day my sister informed me that she had started to awaken. Much to my supprise, when I made the long trek to her hospital I wass assured it was true by the nurses. I was lucky and she did regain consciousness.

I feel greatly for you and your situation and I shall hope for a positive outcome for you and your mum.

If there is anything specific you would like to ask me, or a specific eliment of my experiance I am happy to talk about it with you in more detail. 



Just wanting to wish you and your Mum best of luck - don't give up hope.   My husband's stroke was following cardiac surgery, and not identified immediately, but similariries end there.  Hopefully she's in a good hospital with access to appropriate care from staff experienced in stroke-care.  Thinking of you. 

Hi Claire

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's stroke following surgery - how is she getting on? and how are you?

You may benefit from contacting our stroke helpline right now to talk to someone who understands the effects of stroke, but continue to seek help on here by other people affected by stroke. 

The helpline's number is 0303 3033 100.

Take care