Still going

Well made it too 63 today on we go have a great day with kind regards des


A very Happy 63rd Birthday Des

Enjoy your day to the max


A penblwydd hapus to you @Des_murphy, enjoy your day :tada::balloon::partying_face:

@Des_murphy happy 63rd birthday. Enjoy your day :tada::tada:

Morning @Des_murphy and happy birthday. Certainly on we go, it’s the only way. Do something lovely today, Julia x

Des, Greetings, your still a young un ,hope your 63rd year proves to be eventful :+1:

Dear Des. Happy Birthday. You are only a child tome Des. I’m nearly eighty four. Love Lilian xx

Happy Birthday Des :bouquet:

Happy birthday Des​:tada::birthday:

Happy birthday Des. Do something nice for yourself and have a good day, Moira.

Thank you for all u greeting we are having a meal out tomorrow as my wife is working and my daughter will not be back from her holiday :joy: till tomorrow

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Enjoy your meal out. Something to look forward too x

I think it will be English but it’s on Tuesday now daughter got dates wrong lol

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DES! image :heart:Jeanne


happy 63rd enjoy and treat yourself

Happy Birthday. You’ve caught up with me now!
Have a great day :birthday:

Happy Birthday to you