Stiff left leg

I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke 5 years ago which paralysed my left side. I’m managing to walk using an fes machine but struggle to bend my leg in walking. I’ve tried lots of different exercises but my leg remains stiff. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice.

Regards Sue

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Looking for a definite quick solution is probably not going to serve you well, but things do begin to work again a little at a time if you persevere though you may not at first seem to get results.
Be patient with yourself, just keep trying, resting frequently and you might start to see signs of improvement. Recovery can take a while, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

best wishes from another stroke survivor



@Susan_Jane i have the opposite problem. When i walk i dont straighten my leg apparently. I have an afo which i think has stiffened my ankle up more. This stroke world is fun isn’t it. Do you always use the FES? i wonder if spending some time moving around without the FES may help? You’ve probably already tried but I do things like squats - holding on if need be, marching (sitting and standing), someone recommended a TENs machine to me but i’ve not tried it yet. What about getting someone to help move your leg for you? E.g. i lie on the bed and get my hubby to lift and move my leg as i’m not able to do that myself. What about massaging your leg?
Just throwng some ideas out there.
Hope you find something that works soon xx

Hi Sue,

This is something I have battled with ever since my stroke in 2014. Some days are better than others, but it is difficult and needs to be worked at constantly. I have an ARNI trainer who helps me a lot. I also did a lot of exercises on the Rehab HQ channel on YouTube, which has a lot of useful stuff. I go to the gym and use the crosstrainer machine and walk uphill on a fairly steep gradient. It all helps.
Regards Minnie

Thanks for yiur comments everyone

Regards Sue

Hi Susan Jane, i had a brain haemorrhage in 1996 i have got symptons similar to this after all this time. I use a FES machine, and a very good thing called a Foot lifter
that does the same job as FES except it only wraps around your ankle and attaches to your shoe. I use a resistance band to help move my legs. Hope you find help.
Look online i am sure you will find something to help you. :+1:

Hi, my left leg also stiffens up I’ve got to exercise it daily to stop it being too bad, I think of it like an old machine that needs starting up every day to keep it going.