Steps to recovery

My mom suffered from stroke. Her rightside of the body was numb, but after a month she was able to walk on her own. Now she is about to move her right hand but stil can't hold a thing using the hand. She is trying to talk but what she is saying doesn't not make a sense. So I would like to know how long will it take for her to be able to talk normally again 

Dear Jessy

So sorry to hear of Mums stroke.  But welcome to this forum.

Thats good news that Mum will walk. It means a great deal of positivity.

No two strokes are the same, There isnt a time line to indicate recovery.

The actual illness, ie when Mum was stroking, probably lasted just a couple of hours. Then the recovery starts.

If Mum tries to get her right hand to move, then it probably will move.

The speech isnt quite so straight forward. 

Please try to imagine what speech is like for Mum. She hears peoples words as a blast of muddled sound. She needs to sort that noise into words, then to understand what those words mean. Then she needs to work out a reply. Then to assemble the reply words in to order. Finally she needs to get her tongue, face and throat to form those words. it is utterly exhausting. And it is so frustrating when others speak to her and expect a quick reply. If you notice what the medical staff do, it is a concise exact and brief verbal message. Then they wait for a reply. They avoid asking for opinions.

The speech thing is called aphasia and is common amongst us stroke survivors. My speech took three months to get to a modest state of communication and six months to get fairly OK. Quite a lot later, I worked out that my brain had forgotten how to deal with an echo. Then I improved a lot more. We do not get to normal again. Our brains are permanently damaged and so we have to work around the damage and reach a new state of being. Normal does not apply. Maybe "new normal" but not back to pre stroke.

A very generalized time scale might be two years. Our brains and body seem capable of improving throughout the first two years. At about two years we need to change gear because our muscles start to get stuck. 

So dont give up. It is a long long trail, but things do improve. And many of us get improvement after more than two years.

Best wishes