Stay Hydrated folks


Thanks Jordan ! !

It was great to get this message this morning :smiley:

I hope you, too, have a great day ! !

(sipping water as I type)

Multi-tasking eh … :star_struck:
Keep sipping Bobbi


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Thanks Jordan

I’m a bit late to the party…been to hospital appointment this morning so will say good afternoon & hope you’re managing OK in the heat :slightly_smiling_face:

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I managed to keep my downstairs rooms at 24 degrees C by closing doors, windows and blinds as health advice stated.

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@sunnyday I second that advice, it does work. It is a very comfortable 21°C here as I type this. We tend not to get sun in the morning so temperature stays down.

I remember in the days we went on holiday to turkiye keeping doors and curtains shut fast for a cool bed at night.

Plus hydration and a straw hat is a great plus for feeling comfortable in the heat of the day.

Quick question Robbie,if you keep everything closed doesn’t it make that room hotter? Or does it depend on the angle (I don’t mean angle but I can’t think of the word for East, south,etc)?:heart:

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@BernadetteC You need to try it to find it works.
It will keep a cool room cool.
All doors, shutters, blinds, windows, kept closed.
I’ve done it in this country and abroad in very hot places.
It is a very practical thing you can use.


You beat me by an hour I did that at 4am,beautiful sunrise,alot cooler and quieter,I might try to keep doing it at least until the winter which won’t be long🙄