A lot of us are on statins what do you think of all this news about that statins make you feel bad... Musle aches one of my problems. Do you take yours every day or alternate days..... Dollymouse 

I take mine every day. I had not heard about problems with them. I had my stroke in 2017 and have been taking the succesfully all that time. Best wishes Hilary


Yes it is on YouTube about statins if you have an ipad type in YouTube statins thankyou for your email all these things we read mix you up.... Take care Dollymose

Some statins might make you feel you feel bad, but that is just down the your biochemistry. Ask your GP the review your medicines as see what best suits you. Before I had my stroke, I was on simvastatins which were upsetting me so my GP put me on atorvastatin. No more upsets.

I've tried a variety of statins over the years but had problems with most of them so tried to control my high cholesterol level with alternatives (like colesevalam) - but my stroke in March showed that it wasn't up to the job ! I was put on atorvastatin in the hospital but it left a metallic taste in my mouth so I asked for something else and was prescribed rosuvastatin (which is apparently brilliant) and so far - touch wood - I'm ok with it. Mind you, I haven't had my recent blood test results so I don't yet know HOW brilliant it is ! 

They put me on statins after my 2nd stroke in july my reading was 5.2 im not convinced that was dangerously high what was your last reading ?

Hello Carl, as far as I know, unless cholesterol was a direct influence on the stroke, they put us statins as a precaution even if we aren't in the red zone. My cholesterol was not ideal but it certainly was not high. At first I was put on Atorvastatin (40 mg), my reaction was stabbing nerve pain in my left leg, increased breathlessness, and increased urination. I stopped taking the Atorvastatin, and the next day the nerve pain subsided, and then vanished. Toilet visits returned to normal, and now breathlessness only affects me when fatigued or anxious. The doctor switched me onto Rosuvastatin (10 mg) - quite a drop - this statin, so far, has been okay. A slight nerve tingle in the same spot but nothing like I had on Atorvastatin. 

If it were up to me, I wouldn't take statins, but I've got so much to deal with at the moment, I'm just going with the flow of the doctor's orders. Glad though we have a choice, and there are also a non-statin alternatives, and also the jab inclisiran (but I am not sure where they are up to with this). 

I was on 40mg avtorostatin after my first stroke even though my cholesterol levels were normal no real side effects except muscle pain in my upper arm. After my second stroke they put me on 80mg which was awful, I couldn’t leave the toilet and had no energy at all, it was awful. I went to my Gp and she immediately put me back down to 40 which solved most of the promblems.