Statins and increased risk of bleedon brain?

Hi,  i hope someone may be able to give me a positive experience of taking statins and not causing an increase risj of a haemorrage stroke.  (PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF AN ISSUE FOR PEOPLE who have had clots.  Also the evidence is not very clear.

My stroke was caused by a bleed on the brain.  There is mixed evidence that being on statins can potentially increase  the risk of blood vessels being damaged.

I am hoping there is someone who had a stroke that was a bleed who  has been on statins and no issues?


If you are,reading this please dont worry if you are on statins  tgereis minimal research but my doctor has raised it as a risk to me due to my bleed.



Any positive reassurance will be greatly appreaciatef


Hi David. I probably fit the Bill. I had a stroke caused through a bleed on the brain five years ago. I was given a prescription for a large dose of Atorvastatin (80mg) when I left hospital. I was on the statin for two years before I read on the NHS website that it should not be prescribed for people whose stroke was caused by a bleed. I queried this with my doctor. She checked this with my stroke consultant and both agreed I should come off them. No replacement statin was offered. Two years later I had a second mild stroke caused by a clot. My scan showed that the area of my previous bleed had healed completely. When I left this time I was out back on Atorvastatin (20 mg) and Clopidogrel (blood thinner). My cholesterol is now much better.

I strongly advise you to look at what the NHS website says about statins and haemorrhage strokes and check with your doctor. Hope this helps.

Thank you Koh  yes that does help me,  thank you.



Hi DavidDavitt,


I was put on Statins for two years immediately after my major stroke, which was caused by a clot.

At the same time I was also put on both Warfarin and Aspirin, so was at risk of bleeding issues from them - it was only after I had finished taking Statins that I had any bleeding problems.

But while I took them, I had no issues whatsoever. I was taken off them because I have low cholesterol levels.

We're all different, of course - I was in my mid-forties then and very active.

I hope this helps,





Hj Damian,  thank you for sharing your experienxw as this has helped alleviate my anxiety and worry

Hi D,I had a bleed in the brain Oct.2018.Came out of hospital with the usual meds Cloperdogral ,Atorvastatin,Lansoprazole and Ramipril.Due to side effects I now only take the Clop.which is the blood thinner.I walk at least 10,000 steps a day ,keep my weight to good average for woman of 73. I hope to continue like this with relying on all these meds...side effects are so damaging.Good Luck!