Stand up from "Bed Bound"

Greetings All!

I am looking for any tips on how to get from being “bed bound” to standing up (assisted to start with) and then independent if passable.

The situation is this - having had stroke over 3 years ago and being in the 90+ age bracket, I (or rather Mum) hasn’t had any support with physio and it has left her classed as “bed bound” and unable to load bear (own weight).

Though she is assisted by 2 carers she is quite strong and has good awareness of danger e.g. of falling out of chair/bed etc. But because she is always helped with transfer via hoist and sling from bed to chair and back from chair to bed, she has never been seen to be a candidate for proper rehab that will enable her to stand up herself with frame or other support device.

We (family) have tried to help her by getting her to sit in a perched position in her tilt and space recliner chair and she is comfortable enough wth that. It’s the final few inches / degrees from this to full standing is where we are unable to make progress. We require some equipment or technique that can then take her the few inches from perched to standing and then hopefully taking a step to walk!

Do you or the person you care for have any information/experience of standing up from being bed bound following a stroke that might help us?

We have heard of things like tilt tables, stand-up hoists, Sara steady standing aids etc. but how to get these into our lives is the challenge we are trying to meet.

Thank you in anticipation and best wishes!



@ManjiB when my dad was terminally ill we had a patient Turner device which we used to transfer dad from bed to a chair. If I recall this was provided by the hospital. I would imagine a company like Able World would provide them too but you would have to pay. An occupational therapist is probably a starting point and if you don’t have one assigned at mo try asking your GP for advice on this.
Good luck


Hi @Mrs5K - thank you. I will do that.