Hi all,
I have been on statins for 12 weeks, since suffering my TIA in May. The dose is 1 tablet of 80mg a day, to be taken in the morning. Just now wondering why l was put on such a high dose, straight away. The doctor prescribed them before l left hospital. I did mention to him that feet had been feeling cold for along time. Thanks for reading. Best wishes.

@Woodside I am also on 80mg statins. I was given 40mg by the hospital but my GP upped it to 80mg. When I questioned it she said the medical advice is stroke patients should have 80 mg (clot strokes only I think). I checked this with my stroke consultant & she was surprised the dose had been upped but she did confirm 80mg was the medical recommendation & she said she wouldn’t interfere with it.

Thanks for your reply it makes sense when they give 80mg for clot strokes.

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Yes stains are given for strokes my levels was good but after my stroke I was put on stains u was told there help to prevent strokes. With kind regards des

Same here, once a bleed based stroke was quickly ruled out i was on Aspirin 300mg, clopidogrel, statin and lansoprisol (to protect stomach against high dose aspirin). They seem to be the standard meds in most stroke cases that are clot based.

Moving on I’m now just taking clopidogrel and statin. Cholesterol levels were always good but statin does keep it low as high cholesterol is a major cause of course and blockages and therefore stroke.