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Happy Mothers Day to all the other mums out there and hope you are all getting thoroughly spoilt!
I am wondering if anyone has gone privately anywhere to get a splint for a very unstable ankle. My left side has been affected by the stroke including my ankle which turns over without warning and if no one is with me to grab me I end up on the floor. This is what happened a week ago and I now have a broken wrist and am in plaster.
I have been given 2 splints from my Physio at our local hospital neither of which has helped. Her latest suggestion is that I have an appt with the man at hospital who deals with splints etc but I can’t get an appt until July/Aug. I feel I cannot wait that long as I could very easily end up with a broken hip or leg in the next 4 months. Has anyone used a private firm for this sort of thing and if so was it successful?
My Physio is brilliant but until I get this ankle sorted there is no way I can go forward. I am now scared to walk anywhere without someone with me. (Sorry for long post)


Good afternoon.

Just worthy of a sniff around… not that it should be the first place to head for such important things… but Amazon has a selection of splints and supports available. Worth a try for the short term at least?


Hi Apple, I can very much sympathise you, did it myself a couple weeks ago out a hospital would you believe :laughing: Nothing broken though.

Have you considered maybe trying a foot brace something like this? Or is this something similar to what you’ve already tried?

I do have foot drop as a result of my stroke (right foot affected) which also has the risk of going over on the ankle if I’m not careful. Spent the best part of my recovery trying to strengthen the muscle in that leg but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and brace it in some way for when out and about :frowning_face:

There’s a huge variety to choose from on Amazon, as @Jonty just mentioned.

I have a sprystep AFO which does stiffen my ankle up but it has been issued for drop foot rather than ankle problems. A lot of people rave about a turbomed but you’d again have to check it would help for an ankle issue. I’ve put a link below.

Hope you find something xx


Do saebo make a suitable splint or fes ? Amy there in house clinician help me with hand stuff.
They aren’t cheap but they are professional
Just an idea

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Thanks Simon will have a look and speak to Physio this morning. Janet

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I have foot drop and have enough splints in my wardrobe to open my own shop (most of which are pretty useless). They are a very individual item and need expert fitting. Amazon are ok, but tend to be ‘one size fits all’ and can do more harm than good in the long run. After trying a lot of splints (a couple of which were quite expensive) I went back to my old Neurodyn elasticated support, which I got from the hospital, because my walking was improving. A couple of years ago I bought a silicone splint from a company called Dorset Orthopaedic who make splints to order (moulded to your ankle). I had trouble getting it on and off single handed and abandoned it but have decided to give it another go. Is it possible you could ask the hospital to put you on their cancellation list?


Thanks MinnieB. Yes I am on the cancellation list but think a lot of other people are too! Physio said she would try and make enquiries to see if she could find someone else to help - fingers crossed


Yes EmeraldEyes. They are very similar to the ones the Physio brought. Unfortunately they don’t work

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as well as splint you might be interested in FES that manages the muscle contractions. The bioness L300 Go seems to be most talked about but isn’t the only one
They are expensive new and 2nd hand on ebay. MS suffers as well as strokeWariors have mixed views on them

Thanks Simon. Will look into that

With my Type 1 DIABETES now I have to go by pick up prescription for DIABETES shoes for my feet from podiatrist sometime this week

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