Spinal stroke

After two major stokes, Sept 21 and April 23, my husband has made great recovery. Now the GP thonks he may have had a spinal stroke two weeks ago. I cant find much information about these strokes, can anybody help please?

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Hi @FenlandSparrow just want to welcome you to the forum :slightly_smiling_face: I have no personal of spinal stroke but I’m sure someone will be along who has had. In the meantime I did find this on the Brain & Spine Foundation’s website which might be worth a read.

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@FenlandSparrow like Emeraldeyes I have no experience of spinal stroke but I hope your husband is going on ok. Has your GP referred your husband for further investigations so it can be confirmed?

The link emeraldeyes shared looks like it contains useful info. Try calling the Brain & Spine Foundation too they should be able to help with your queries.

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Hi @FenlandSparrow
Sorry to hear the challenges you have too face :frowning:

If you tap the magnifying glass above and then enter “spinal stroke” and search you’ll get 38 hits (one is yours!) which probably give more information than you’l find in most other locations.


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