Speech question

Hello, my dad is 2 year’s post his stroke. He has significant speech issues and can manage a couple of words. Recently I have noticed his speech using the telephone flows much easier than face to face. Has anyone any experience of this?  Thank you. Jane

That's interesting, because so many body language clues are missing when using the 'phone.  A lot of people dislike 'phone conversations, but clearly it's suiting your Dad, maybe removing inhibitions/anxieties by not being able to see the person.  The good thing is, it tells you that his speech has improved and this may gradually be reflected in face-to-face situations - fingers crossed for him.

Thank you. For so long I have avoided phone calls for all those reasons but am just curious if anyone else has had this type of experience. 

I think you have posted your message twice. II have replied to the other message !

Hi, same here,  had stroke in January this year and have Asphasia and Dsyarthia (amongst other problems!) and its bad even now. I usually have to practise a speech before picking up phone.  I find people talk over me alot so first explain ive had a stroke , to speak slowly and to bear with me. Then i find people are patient and im more at ease. My speech is especially bad when face to face if feel anxious when someone asks me something,  then the cognitive problems set in! First its having to process it, then find the words then get them to come out properly.  on a good day i still slur like ive been drinking (ironic thing is, i dont drink).  It doesnt appear to b improving and guess im stuck with this. Fatigue makes it worse. Hubbie asks me what i would like for xmas ? For this nightmare to be over.

I know we are all different. And I have escaped some of the worst horrors of stroke, but the aphasia slowly cleared and at about 18 months the speech and language problems had settled right down.

Please keep trying and dont give up hope. Things will improve, I promise you that. Maybe not by christmas but improvements will come.

Anxiety, hearing, loss of memory will all play its part in making the aphasia feel extra bad. You have to be strong and determined and positive. The dividends will follow.

I have often explained about incoming speech being a noise that my brain had to identify as words, put them in order and then work out what that means. Then the reverse has to happen to get my answer out. So reassuring when you have explained that you have the very same problem. 

My diagnosis didnt mention aphasia. Not sure why.


Thank you for your reply. I think with my dad it might be that there is only one thing to focus on if he is on the phone and that relaxes him.  I wish you very well for your recovery.

Yes, trying to stay positive frown