Special stroke speaker

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2 pm, I am opening up our Wales Zoom group with the blessings from the other members, for all those who would like to meet Mathew. He’s a London barrister who had a stroke one and half year’s ago. He’ll speak for about twenty minutes and then all are welcome to ask questions and open up discussion. The Zoom details are below. I will let people in as they log on. We usually go for about an hour. You don’t have to have video. It’s always a good session with lovely people. You don’t have to speak. Written chat questions are fine too.

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Topic: Stroke Survivor Special Speaker

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Hi @Rups , unfortunately on the office tomorrow and a particularly busy month. My 1 year Stroke anniversary on Wednesday (let’s hope the busy period doesn’t cause a repeat).
Sounds like your meeting will be interesting.
Hope it goes well.

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Sorry, wrong log in this one …

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Topic: Young At Heart Stroke Survivors
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We are all online now, if anyone wants to join.

Hi, I would have loved to attend but I have a hospital appointment. Hopefully I can make the next one. Thank you

It went well, just me and Cheryl at the end but had five of us to begin but lost three due to tech issues. I also posted the wrong log in info! :woozy_face: Was unwell when I posted it around, but wanted to do it then incase I forgot, but we’ll-passed fatigue and went to bed at 8 pm. Matt was a great speaker and all round lovely chap. Main points were:

He did physio five times a day.
Would not let stroke define him.
Used things like balance boards and balance beanbags at home.
Did a lot of speech therapy as he uses speech for his job as a barrister.
Did a phased return, three days a week.
Is stubborn about recovering.