Special speaker - Wales Young At Heart Stroke Survivor group

I’ve posted this in the general category because I didn’t want to double up on my previous post about our group here. On January 25th, I have arranged for Bill Monroe, host of Stroke Cast, to speak to our group. He has to get up at 6 am to do this because he lives in Seattle, so I would like as many people in Wales, who may be interested in hearing him talk and having the opportunity to ask questions, to know. If you live in Wales and would like to be part of our group, you can join here. We meet every Tuesday at 2 pm using Zoom. We’re a lovely, friendly and positive group who support each other and share advice. It’s a place where you can be open and feel inclusive. We have regular quizzes, stories read out to us through InterACT, and have guest speakers.

Sorry but I don’t live in Wales.

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Ah, from one Celtic side to another :grinning:

Yes, have you listened to his podcast? It’s quite diverse and fairly scientific. There are a few podcasts I regularly listen to. Maybe down the track, the Stroke Association forum should have its own weekly Zoom session, so we can all say hello,.

Shwmae Anne, you’ve gone back in time :grinning: That was at the beginning of this year. Hope you had a decent Nadolig and have something pleasant planned for the New Year :partying_face:

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