Sound of your own heart beat?

In my right ear (affected side) I can hear my own pulse, or like the sound of my blood pumping.
It gets louder when my pulse raises.
This started in October when I had my 4th and worse bout of COVID.
It didn’t stop until I had the stroke on the 20th Jan, then it eased, it has started to come back now.
I have done some reading it’s called pulsatile tinnitus.
It’s annoying but also really scary.
I have mentioned it to the GP and neurologist on several occasions and none of them seem worried.
My BP is not high in fact it runs quite low.

I am near as I can be convinced that the COVID in October played a part in my stroke, it’s not something clinicians like to hear when you mention it either but I’ve not been the same since.

Has anyone else experienced this?

@GemA i had this. Mine started after I had my covid booster and stopped when I had my stroke. Like you it came back a short while later. It drove me mad for many months. My GP referred me to ENT who would have done a CT-Angio but i’d already had one. They said it didn’t show anything of concern and sent me on my way.

It has now stopped again. I am convinced it was caused by covid vaccine as it started less than 24 hrs later. I wondered if it caused my carotid artery dissection but stroke dr seemed to think not.
Hope yours settles soon xx

@Mrs5K How long after the stroke would you say it was before it went?
I know we are all different, but I’d really like to hope it’s not another stroke looming.
I found an ear plug helps in that ear but it’s annoying being deaf in one side.

I think COVID and COVID vaccines have a lot to answer for.

I think it was around 10 / 11 months after my stroke it went. I was worried it might cause another stroke but it didn’t & the medical professionals didn’t seem concerned.

Try not to worry. I know that’s easier said than done.

You could always ask for an ENT referral to get it checked but it could be a long wait.

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@Mrs5K Thanks so much that’s put my mind at ease.

I will ask my GP for a referral to ENT for extra reassurance. My stroke was a vertebral artery so it would make sense, it must still be healing.

In the meanwhile I’ll clog my ear with cotton and ear plugs.

Your so helpful, bless you x

Glad I can help put your mind at ease a bit. Have you tried loop experience ear plugs? They are meant to lower the sound but not block it out but I would think it has the same effect on the pulse in your ear as the ear plugs you’re using. I’ve not tried them but I know others have and they say they’re good. I found listening to things through my earbuds helped ease it for a bit.

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Willing to give anything a try x
I’ll get myself on Amazon now, do you have any recommendations from others? Re brand or design?

I think loop experience is a brand. The experience are meant to be better than just tue loop ones.

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That’s a really good perspective to have, not warped at all and actually makes sense.
Thanks x

Aye, on and off post stroke. Didn’t know it had a name. Usually comes on at night as I am lying on my pillow.

Yes GemA–I had the same thing. I don’t think it had anything to do with my stroke, though. It troubled me for a couple of years before my stoke. I think it began after I had a bad cold. I notice you mentioned yours starting after having covid. I think my ear area had fluid or was iinflamed in some way because of having been sick. Interestingly enough, after my stroke , it went away. I think that was just a coindicence. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. It is very annoying though, as it would keep me awake at night if I slept on that side. Jeanne


It’s interesting to see this (unfortunately) being experience by others. About 2 days after my first CoVid booster, and about a year after my stroke, I suddenly started feeling a bit weird, also feeling that blood was rushing up from all parts of my body to my head. Really nasty feeling. And it was accompanied by the sound of my pulse beating in my right ear, but the beats were so loud it was as if a drum in the room was making the noise. About 10 at night, so as live alone decided there was nothing to do just see where it went. Time is hard to judge, but around 30 min later the loudness subsided, the rushing blood calmed, I felt exhausted but the beating pulse was more calmly taping away in the right ear. Was exhausted and stroke affects magnified - took a good couple of weeks to get over but the pulse thing still with me .
I did get referred for hearing checkup. Learned this was/is Pulsatile tinnitus (I have had tinnitus whistles in both ears for 15 or so years ). Nothing to be done, grin and bear it :roll_eyes:.
My bp is good and I have low resting pulse of 58-62. That event seems obviously vascular in origin but with a mix of other ingredients: the CoVid vaccine plus neurological/stroke affects and perhaps others. Putting aside being a participator, as an observer it is so interesting that I can’t understand why no one in the medical field has grabbed hold of this and looked these connections. But…… suppose it all boils down to money and (unknown) number of people affected. Research tends to be done when it brings a monetary benefit so my curiosity will doubtless remain unrequited!
The pulsatile tinnitus itself poses no medical threat which is nice to know.

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Like you, I tend to feel mine at night, lying with cheek resting on the pillow. But only hear it on my right side when lying on my right side. I can often make tiny adjustments to the angle of my head on the pillow, and/or the position of the shoulders which removes the sound.
But the skin on my right cheek is also very sensitive to touch since the stroke, again evident when I rest it on the pillow at night - so with that and the pulse I’m fairly well condemned to not sleeping on what once was my favorite position :expressionless:.
A small change in regards to the larger stroke picture ! Interesting how sometimes small changes can be more difficult to deal with than big ones🤔.

@Poozle, I also have sensitivity on my face at the right side.
It’s strange because although there are no visible signs this is something I have struggled to make people understand.
When I run my fingers over my right cheek it feels like I’m rubbing with sand paper.