Sore throat

I had a stroke 5 months ago and have recovered well. I am no longer paralysed down the right side.
I have developed a sore throat with a cough,cold,or flu.
Could it be stroke related ?

Should read without a cough or cold

@nbcleopatra it could just be a sore throat. Have you checked for covid as sore throat is also a covid symptom?

Hope you feel better soon.

it could be just a sore throat or Covid but I have developed a sore throat too, along with runny eyes which are a nuicance - I have seen the pharmacist and the GP about it, one says that it’s probably stroke related, the other thinks it may be a medication reaction (to the statin or the clopidogrel). Going to try the optician for a third opinion

while I put up with the sore throat I do suck on ice cubes in the evenings to relieve it

Great to see your reply. I wasn’t going to post about a trival matter when other people have far worse issue than.
I am glad I did ad I found your reply very interesting.
I don’t think it is the stating as I have been on them for 13 years.
But I was prescribed clopidogrel when I left hospital on 7th October so I have been taking them about 3 months before the sore throat started.
I will mention it to my GP next week