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Hiya folks,

I'm continuing to enjoy my time here on MSG. I'm really valuing the support you give each other. For me as a support coordinator its like visiting a stroke support group but without the tea and biscuits. I really miss being able to pop into one of the small groups we have in south Wales, community support for people affected by stroke is the biggest tool in my tool kit.. and its really being missed right now.

Thankfully some meetings have moved online and as an organisation and as individuals serving our communities its great that we have the flexibly to accomodate needs relevant to what is needed. Also most of these meetings are open to anyone regardless of geography which brings a new element to group dynamics (Rugby talk anyone?)

I've been interested to read about folks getting out for some walks or shopping trips and now people are returning to gyms, which is fab. So i guess this is where i talk about some work weve been doing with the Wirral charity "A Stroke of Luck" created by a stroke survior Craig Pankhurst.

"A Stroke of Luck" is a charity that focuses on assisting people to recover and rehabilitate through fitness and training. You can read a lot more about this organisation on their website. Personally, as i've said before, people who understand stroke have been through it, Craig - the founder of A Stroke of Luck has had that experience and i like what i've read about him and his ethos . I hope to speak with him soon...not that he knows that.

So, alongside A Stroke of Luck the Stroke Association have created a sequence of home exercise videos which are available on here and on our youtube chanel. Predominantly they are geared towards a stroke survivor but amazigly they also consider the exercise needs of carers too.

I had a look and listen this morning and i'd be keen to point them out to you to see if they can compliment your own wellbeing activities. I'd be really keen to see what you think? It would be great to have a discussion on here around them and your own way of exercising. As i've said before you guys are the experts and while i'm here as a volunteer, your conversations and discussions will help me help others who are new to stroke.

You can find the videos on here, i found them under 'News' 

Thats the only clue im going to give as It seems that there are some issues around navigation of My Stroke Guide and while i cant fix them i know people who may be able to help ;) so feel free to start that discussion here too..


I think thats enough from me,


Best wishes!



I found them easily. Not got time to look yet. The easiest way to find them would be to go to the address bar at the top of the page; delete everything and type in news.


Thanks Janet. Great tip, i do that with other websites too.