Some good advise please


I am now into my third week at work. I am working in the motor trade my first week was all over the place no communication between managers. Second week slightly better. On Saturday I messaged the GM to ask for Sunday off as I was going to be at work for 7 days straight. He gave me the time off but this morning he showed a colleague/manager the message I sent him and said it was unacceptable as I should have called him or the other sales manager. I am now feeling lost and I don't know where to go who to go to. I want out, I am lost and don't know who to go to.

I think its reasonable for your manager to expect a phone call rather than a message. If you want an expert's advice I'd recommend you give ACAS a call. I'm sure they'll be able to advise you. If it was me I'd be saying to my manager - sorry I made a mistake. I understand now that I must ring you if the same thing happens again. Are you ok with that? (the question at the end then forces them to say yes or no).

Dear Steve

To keep onside at work then follow Pamelas advice.

But are you really ready to return to work ?

Might it be more realistic to work a fraction of full time for a while. 

It took me a year to do voluntary work of waiting on tables. My brain struggled with the simplest of logic tasks.

Take it slowly, your brain needs to catch up



I have no experience of the motor trade, other than as a customer!  However, in my career in teaching, we had a policy for staff sickness/leave, which detailed how sickness/absence from school should be reported.  This involved a specified telephone number to call, between certain hours, the phone would be answered by a member of the senior leadership team, who then arranged appropriate cover for my timetable.  

Just for future reference, you could check what specific procedures are in place for reporting sickness/leave issues, as this hasn't been made clear to you - probably because you've not been ill previously.  If you had known the 'chain of command' you would have followed that procedure.  Then the ball is in the management's court!!  

Best of luck ?