Some advice

please I have my pip meeting as they won’t do it over the phone … any advice from anyone abit nervous having a stroke isn’t enough to try and get some help . Thanks

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Hi in any of the tasks that there score you on you must be able to do them safely repeatedly and within a fair time frame. An example cooking . The task is to cook a simple meal from fresh food . This does not mean reheating or mirco meals. Can you do these safely repeatedly ie three times a day and more then 50 percent of the week. Also within a fair time frame. Be honest but answer the questions with out saying yes or no. Example. Can you do x task. At times I find this very hard and while I can sometimes do it this task makes me feel…and at times u need help to…in order to compete the task.

So try to answer with open anwsers not closed Ines like yes or no. The person might be very nice and friendly but remember there are working for DWP and not for you. Do not be lead by then our acroos the information that you want to give them, do not be rushed if you need a break tell them that you need one. Hope it goes well with kind regards des