Solving the Puzzle of Sleep and Brain Recovery after Stroke

A team at the University of East Anglia are investigating how movement recovers after stroke and whether this is influenced by sleep.

To do this they’re looking for stroke survivors in the Norwich area to undertake two 90min sessions 2-4 months apart to measure your movement, sleep and daily activity.

These sessions will answering questionnaires and conducting simple activities, such as answering the telephone, while wearing small markers and sensors stuck to the skin non-intrusively so we can measure your movement.

You will need to be able to attend the two 90min sessions at the University of East Anglia, Norwich and be happy to wear a motion watch on each wrist for seven days to measure everyday activity at home.

All necessary travel is reimbursed up to a maximum of a 50-mile return journey.

For more information please contact or by 30 July 2022.