Small talk

Hello everyone,

Sometimes it bothers me as I have noticed  I do not seem to chatter so much especially when its just small talk with others. I wonder if it's the small change in behaviour or that I am used to living alone so only have myself to natter to or just don't know what to say.My family and work colleagueshave noticed this small change but tell me not to worry too much.Over time they say the old Sandie is coming back. Does anyone else have this feeling?






Dear Sandie

Very much yes. I am now so quiet I dont recognize myself. I do not expect to return to that old self, a new self is forming. A slight change in our personality has ripples of concern. We are such a fickle animal. It helps me to look at my cat and think about what he does. Any change to his routine and I start to worry. Yet us humans change routine all the time.

Part of my silence is geared around the loss of memory that the stroke caused. I can not be sure about anything. Part of my silence is that I dont want to plague people with my ill health tales. They dont understand anyway !

You are growing to a new Sandie.

All that cycling. I have cycled around most of the country. But not for the past twenty years ! I got on a bike last year, in the cycle shop, and promptly fell off. So embarrasing. I think electric bikes are an excellent idea. I would love to give one a good trial. Once I have taught my body how to ride a two wheeler.

Best wishes


Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply. I suppose we don't always notice changes at first and as you say it causes concern for others. At least my changes are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things so will be content with that. My cycling also allows me time to assess things and work through any issues safely.