Small stroke and fits

I add a small stroke and fit’s on Thursday there ambulance got me to kings mill hospital . I was fitting for a hours the stroke nurse said there is nothing wrong the doc sent me home with a referral to the neurologist my blood test and blood pressure ect was fine throughout my hour long seizure. I have videos of fits ann small stroke my wife shown the doc the video’s


@sharris776 sorry to hear this. Did the hospital confirm a small stroke or did they say you hadn’t had a stroke too?

I know there are such things as NEAD fits which are non epileptic fits & maybe you had these? Hopefully the neurologist will be able to shed some light on what they think happened.

There is a condition called FND that can mimic stroke symptoms & NEAD fits can also be part of this. That’s why I wondered if they’d confirmed the small stroke. I’m not saying this is what happened as it could be many things.

I hope you are feeling a bit better now & that you don’t have to wait long to see the neurologist.

Sending my best wishes

Ann x


PLEASE DO NOT be afraid to call 111 if you feel bad and 999 if you have another fit or feel really bad.

Fingers crossed for you


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No she didn’t and the wife shown her video and it was over when the nurse turned up

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How are you feeling now? Have you got a date for the referral, have you seen you GP? Did you have a CT scan or MRI?

I think in my opinion that you need to get checked out some more soon.



I not heard anything yet . Sent me to CT scan and bit Northern MRI after Def is in there not use MRI lol